Craving Your Control & Dominance


There is never a day that goes by where I do not crave to be at your feet kissing them showing you my place and respect. I also can tell by the gleam in your eyes that you enjoy sitting up above me looking down while I do this.  It truly is the amazing the feelings that overcomes one’s body and mind when they are in a position or doing something they sincerely have craved all their life. For me I experience the feeling of being loved for who I am, the security of knowing you will guide me through this crazy life and the knowledge knowing that I am the luckiest man alive that you have chosen me to spend your life with and become one with.

With this new found revelation you have that I sincerely hope helps both of us on our path down this crazy thing we call life that we are basically all different and you are who you are and I am who I am and that’s ok I hope now we can get past this stumbling block we always run into.

I do understand and know your needs and desires and will from my side vow to work my best to fulfill all of those. Mine on the other hand are much the same but in the other direction as yours. I crave a matriarchy relationship out of you where you govern over me and make all the decisions for me. I crave “list” or “chores” given to me to follow. I crave rules to follow that are in line with what you see best for us. I crave being held responsible by you for my actions with domestic discipline. To me, its pretty simple, no questions asked. If I don’t follow through with your direction or fail to do a task or talk to you in a disrespectful way, you enforce punishment. Not play punishment where you spank me several time and I say stop you stop. I crave REAL punishment where you spank me and stop when YOU feel its enough and fits the crime without regards to my pleas of me saying stop or it hurts, or welts & bruises, hurting is part of punishment and without that one does not learn to change behaviors even if it where to get to the point of tears. I will never have harsh feelings towards you for doing your part remember this, but failing to correct me will lead to frustration on my part.

I envision also dialect between us where its appropriate when I’m asked something, told to do something, or whatever I address you as Ma’am or answer you yes Ma’am or no Ma’am. Calling you Ma’am in my mind and also in the way I was brought up is nothing more than a show of respect towards the one addressed as such. I hope that we can start working on this to where it just flows out of me as habit and not thinking about how to respond.

Reminders of control and dominance is another thing we both need to work on a great deal. here is where I know you probably don’t get it and really nor do I 100%. First let me say, I know you love me and I know everything you do would be out of love and what’s best for us so you should have no fears here. I know where it comes from and how its meant. Everyone is different in what they believe and what makes them tick in certain ways. For me, I don’t believe that women are superior to men or vice versa but in our relationship I believe you are superior to me if that makes sense. I look up to you, respect you, love you, desire you, more than you know. I do crave you talking “down” to me daily as I am a lessor to you. I do crave you degrading me when you can, I do crave the “clothing” I wear wishing to expand on it in a stealthy way. I do crave you demanding respect in the way I talk to you or me kneeling before you removing your shoes and kissing your feet.

I guess what I am saying, where you always say if you feel different than the way you want me to build you up in you can’t do your side of our agreement its no different for me, if I’m not feeling my part its hard to keep up on my position in this relationship.

I love you so much and crave to be before you on my knees worshipping your beauty daily. To me, you are the air I breath each day to stay alive and only desire your control and direction while affording you all the happiness in life. I truly believe if we can do this for both sides we will be the envy of the world in how happy two people can be in life.

your slave forever






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