A slow transition into one

How do I envision and desire us to be in the future? Both you and I working towards a common goal while living a very structured life as far as roles between you and I with clear goals on both sides and most importantly even though being two opposites in our chosen roles in our marriage, once our two roles are put together the outcome equals one person.

In life I think a lot of thing can be compared to a puzzle just as a relationship can or people. If you are missing one piece of the puzzle it will never be complete. In every relationship there is always one who is the leader and one the follower. Putting the two together I believe make one. However the “one” in size may be small and weak or large and strong. By defining these roles so there is no confusion or guessing what role we play in a relationship offers two things, making it a lot bigger (stronger) and allows us to focus more on the roles we have chosen only to build those roles up and perfecting them hence making us stronger when put together and also not having to worry about the role we have not chosen to be in. Not sure if you understand what I’m saying but hopefully you do.

I have always said that my desire is to become closer to you and feel as we are one and I truly mean this. Fortunately we both desires opposite roles which feed perfectly together to make one. That is my long term goal in all this. Not to be just a small “one” but to grow each day and become this amazing gigantic “one” that is unbreakable in every aspect of life. Right now I sincerely believe we are one but my desire is to grow us with every passing day to obtain this gigantic one.

I think that when two people love each other deeply they always want to please the other person and make them happy and provide a life for them to where they can be happier than anyone alive. This is how I feel for you. I want to make you the happiest woman alive but I also know in order to get there I have to build my 1/2 of the one each day to obtain my goals. I also believe you feel the same way towards me hence you building your 1/2 to match my 1/2. Without our two half’s growing and being put together we will never be that gigantic one.

The roles we have chosen will take a conscious effort daily and will be work for a long time until things actually become natural. We both have to be on board and have the common goals to achieve this and be successful. We both have to throw away all the excuses we have always used and be consistent each and every day.

In my opinion Effort + Consistency= Success!

This is my pledge to you from here on. In our roles in life and our life’s choices how we live together I promise to start working on my half and growing it daily  to obtain that gigantic “one”. This means always doing as I’m told and following your direction always. Trying to know what type of behavior is expected of me at all times and also know what task needs to be completed and always having them done. hopefully trying to make mindful choices to help you build your self confidence in all areas physically and mentally. Always showing support in all your choices and encouraging you in building your half.

My role is very simple and its do as I’m told,  to love, support and serve you in all ways while making your life easier and these are truly the things I desire for us.

My hope from here on is you will start building your half by believing and living your true role between us. Trust me when I say this is truly what I desire and by fulfilling your half it will not only help me build my half but it will also make me the happiest man in the world. Things I would ask from you is to provide clear expectations of what you expect out of me.

Hold me accountable in everything I do. Assign tasks and chores as desired. Never sway in your decisions and show me that strong amazing smart and sexy woman you are! Never allow me to disrespect you in any way whether it be the words I speak or how I speak them or any actions I show. Always try to be mindful in demanding due respect out of me until it becomes a natural part of everyday life.

You are such an amazing, sexy woman in my eyes who deserves nothing but respect and the best and I feel very lucky that I am the one you have chosen to allow serving you. Let’s work as a team and make this work together. I know we can be successful!

I love you with all my heart your slave always m





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