How I envision a Goddess or Mistress

When referring to a Goddess or Mistress people typically use either descriptions of women interchangeably as if they are one in the same but there really is a difference.

A “Goddess” is a woman who holds such high esteem that she is deserving of worship from males. A Goddess has complete control over every aspect of the male being, including his chastity. Males must treat females and their bodies as wholly sacred and must worship the Goddess in any way she sees fit, including worship of specific areas of her body such as her feet.

Now that we got the definition out of the way, close your eyes and envision what you think a Goddess would look like?

When I close my eyes and envision what my perfect Goddess would look like, I see only one vision of one person always, my wife. No one person is going to envision the exact vision of what a Goddess looks like it is purely subjective. When I envision my Goddess its my wife and she is the most beautiful woman in the world to me. When I close my eyes and envision her in my favorite way, it really isn’t anything kinky or unnatural its just her sitting above me while I am on my knees before her. She is wearing a beautiful dress that comes down to just above her knees, she is wearing pantyhose and heels. She is smiling down at me as I look up into her eyes and I feel so loved. I feel truly blessed to even be in her presence before her. I feel like the luckiest man in the world because she has chosen me to be with and nobody else. I feel like I can never get enough of her nor be as close as I desire. I just want to climb inside her and be part of her. That’s how I envision a Goddess.

My Goddess if very feminine. She always acts like a perfect lady. She is always kind and warm. Her heart is big and she always see’s the good in everyone.

In my mind I think when someone has or desires a Goddess they should expect certain things out of her. For me, I do not think vanilla people would even understand my expectations/desires of my Goddess.

I have all the admiration and respect for her and to be honest, with someone as beautiful as her I expect and desire her to allow me to worship her in everyway. I want to be on my knees before her kissing her feet and or removing her shoes and I would expect her to feel worthy of my actions. I expect her to allow me to put her way up on a pedestal and welcome it because I, 100% believe she is worthy of it. I expect her to walk with self confidence each and every day and not worry about what anyone in this world thinks about her except only the ones she loves and cares for because nobody else matters. I desire and expect her to remind me frequently just how blessed I am to be with her, touch her, be intimate with her. for she has chosen me and I truly am blessed. I expect her to be strong and have a superior mindset over me and use the power she has to control me in every way and direct me through this crazy life. I desire and expect her control 24/7. I expect her to not only accept, but also demand my respect at all times and when I fail her in any way, I expect her to hold me accountable and punish me in some way and never letting my transgressions go unpunished.

You see, I do not think she is superior to me because she is a woman. I think she is superior to me because I hold her up above me so high on that pedestal. As much as I respect her, desire her, want to be one with her and think she is the most beautiful sexy woman to walk this earth all I desire is to be beneath her, worship her, submit to her power and welcome her complete control over me by enslaving me for eternity.

A “Mistress” is typically considered as a female owner of submissive men or women and slaves. Mistress is a title most often conferred upon Females who dominate others for their personal enjoyment, a display of power, for other personal gains.

To me a Mistress is an authoritative woman, one who is in control, strong, sexy but also has a hard edge to them. My Goddess/wife I proudly serve has the unique power to transform into what I envision as the perfect Mistress when she desires.

She stands tall in black leather and heels holding a whip. She is the sexiest woman alive. One aspect a Mistress lacks compared to a Goddess is the compassionate, warm, caring love. They want their orders followed without question and demand total obedience out of their submissive or slave. She has a direct way of communicating her wishes and expects respect. She is very sexual and demands pleasure out of her sub/slave and selfishly does not reciprocate.

When like this I know its all about her. I expect to be pleasuring her until she can no longer take anymore. I expect her to talk down to me as a lessor being. I expect her to give orders in a demanding way and expect them to be fulfilled right away and if I fail, I will be severely punished.

This is my first time writing about the difference between a Goddess and a Mistress and I am so glade I did because I actually learned something today! I have the best of both worlds! I serve not only a Goddess but also a Mistress and they are one in the same person, she is my wife, my best friend, my love of my life and the most amazing, beautiful, sexy woman I have ever met and I love her with all my heart. I truly am blessed!




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