Why Men Crave to be Submissive to their Wives

As I always state in previous entries, most all concepts I write about are subjective and your reason my differ with mine or the next hundred men that desire to submit to a woman in a relationship and hand over all control. I think some do it out of a kink for femdom and only crave it while being intimate with a woman. Some crave it only in certain aspects of their lives and others crave it 24/7. I for one, crave it 24/7 and have relinquished all control over to my Goddess as per our agreement.

I think there are many different reasons men crave this and I have read many different opinions of why this desire exist within men, to name a few that I have found that personally hit home for me are;

  1. desires to be the perfect Husband – you have a real desire to please, feel a need to change or want to improve and become closer in your Marriage.
  2. Submission to a partner in a loving relationship – it could be an innocent expression of love
  3. fear of failure – take away his decision making power creates a safe environment by allowing her to make decisions
  4. desires to please – wants to feel validated that he is doing something you want, wants to please you.
  5. feels disconnected –  an effort to find connection and more intimacy.
  6. feels it is his place – some men are naturally submissive or servile
  7. my wife deserves to lead – this may be an innocent expression of confidence in you
  8. my wife is better at leadership – could be a feeling of acknowledgement of his confidence in you, it is not a motivation but a recognition.
  9. needs a distraction/vacation from some pressure in life – this is often true of men and women who have high-powered lives and seek distraction.
  10. needs external motivation/wants to be forced to change – laziness, lots of men need motivation to lose weight, keep in shape, serve their families
  11. obsession with one or more idea or kink – obsessions are the driver with a kink, such as goddess worship, cuckolding, slavery, BSDM, and extreme punishment.
  12. doesn’t want to disappoint you – wanting to please, pay penitence, fix your opinion of him, show he is a good partner
  13. tired of making decisions – same as needs a break or a vacation from himself
  14. wants greater intimacy/wants more focused time from you – like vulnerability, connection and loneliness intimacy does not come easy to men, being naked, sexual perks “just for you”, serving you and being commanded all focus attention on you and being together
  15. wants to try something new – other things have not worked, so let’s explore this, likely connected to getting kinks satisfied.

For me I cannot really nail it down to one reason specific. I however consider my desires to submit to her is due to, simply out of love and respect and want to please her, make her happy and feel as close to her as I can. I really don’t want anymore to have the responsibility of decision making and would love to get rid of as much non-related relationship stress as I can, so I can just focus on one thing, and that one thing is my Goddess.

Personally I have always desired to submit to a sexy, beautiful, powerful woman, but not just any woman, it had to be an amazing woman with a great head on her shoulders that I can put 100% of my trust in that can make good decisions for both of us. I found that woman!

I really do not think my Goddess has any sense of how much I love, respect and adore her. Those are the things that drive my desire to submit to her and I truly wish she would open her eyes fully to my vow of submission and embrace her power that she has over me.

Titles & Names in todays society frustrate me when people so strongly associate them with traditional thinking. Today my Goddess said I was a good house hubby in jest, like it was a demeaning thing. I didn’t think of that in a negative way at all, in fact I was proud of it!  She has joked around in the past and called me Marcy thinking I somehow would be humiliated by the name. I’m not! I actually liked it and to be honest wouldn’t mind if she called me that 100% when we can get away with it. I know who I am and I’m 100% comfortable with me!

I think throughout history people have put way to much stock into what the traditional stereotypical head of the household should be. Yea, sure, societies idea of that is a strong man that takes control, makes all the decisions, brings home the paycheck and the “good wife” is someone that stays home and cooks and clean and takes care of the children and follows the decisions of what the man says.

Why cant it be the opposite? Why cant the man be the “traditional wife” and submit to the woman he married, and why cant she be the “traditional husband” and lead the man? Mentally if the man is the submissive one and enjoys it and the woman is the more dominant one that can and does make better decisions for the two then why not? From my perspective I gladly accept the title as wife! I do not find it as a cut down or attack on my masculinity at all, I take it as a great compliment!

So in the end why do I want to be submissive and serve my Goddess? Because that’s me! I gladly accept 100% the role in every aspect of the “wife” and I’m damn proud of it! In many ways she is superior to me, and I’m the happiest person alive she has chosen me to be with and I want to submit to her because through my eyes she is:

  1. Sexy
  2. Beautiful
  3. Amazing
  4. Smart
  5. Patient
  6. Rational
  7. Calm
  8. Thinks things through
  9. Makes good decisions
  10. And darn it! She taste great! 🙂

I will always and forever have the desire to serve my Goddess not out of some strange kink but out of 100% desire to please and I plain just love her more than anything in this world!

Slave m






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