Reminders in Everyday Life

Reminders in everyday life remind us who we are or where we need to be or even what time we need to get up the next morning. There are constant reminders for every aspect of our lives everywhere you look. Reminders are not all the same and 99% of them have a different meaning to us. You might be watching TV with your partner in life and see a commercial for Folgers coffee and it might remind you you’re almost out and need to buy more. On the other hand it might remind your partner your out of cream or sugar. Again, they all mean something different to all of us and the meaning can change in what the reminder is by the way they are presented. They can be so obvious they smack you in the face and everyone around know the meaning or done in a stealthy way to where nobody knows the true meaning except you and who it was meant for.

I for one love reminders. I love to be reminded of upcoming events, or stuff that needs to be done or promises I have made. Reminders help us stay grounded in all aspects of our lives. People love to be reminded by their boss at work of how good of a job they do. Spouses love to reminded of how good they look or how much they are loved and appreciated. Reminders help us remember things, reinforce things and be more successful in what we choose to do in our lives.

Reminders are not always a positive thing either. Who wants to be reminded of a time when they screwed up or a tragic event. I’m sure we all don’t need reminders in our daily normal work life who our bosss is either or even if that deadline we missed at our job. But I do 100% believe reminders are a great tool to use for stuff that is unusual or out of the norm in everyday life.

In my everyday life I have taken a solem oath to serve my wife as my Goddess. I have agreed to live as her slave focusing on her before myself. I have agreed to be held accountable for all transgressions against her by her using domestic discipline on me. I have agreed to lift her up upon a pedestal and view her always as my superior. All of this and more was agreed upon in detail before we started living this life. But as things would have it in every day life shit gets in the way or happens that tends to let us forget our roles in our relationship we have chosen to take. I believe after a while as we grow together in our roles it will become a more everyday normal life but until then reminders are a great tool to use!!!

My big thing is I not only want to serve her as her slave but I want to feel like her slave but also a slave that is loved. Reminders help keep me in that place no matter how insignificant they are, every little one helps.

Reminders differ in everyone’s view as to the importance also. In everyday normal life it is my opinion that the majority of women want to be reminded as much as possible by their man they are attractive and loved. They are good mothers and good wives where as me, I do not need those reminders as frequently.

Since we have both agreed to this Goddess/slave lifestyle and most all people in the vanilla world would view it as abnormal or a strange kink or whatever reminders are a great tool at least for me.

What kind of reminders do I desire and like you might ask?

  1. I like my Goddess to talk to me as her being the superior and me being nothing more than a slave to her.
  2. I like her ordering me/telling me to do something instead of asking.
  3. I like her requiring me to reply with yes Ma’am no Ma’am when we can as a way of demanding respect to her superiority over me.
  4. I like her demanding me to do all the housework and cooking.
  5. I like her demanding sexual pleasure from me while denying me any at all times. I get my pleasure psychologically out of giving her pleasure.
  6. I expect her to hold me accountable at all times for transgressions against her.

Other reminders can also be used and I think many are specific to the individuals mindset and way of thinking. No one way is wrong or right for everyone. In this area I tend to fall back in to what society has in expectations on a man vs a woman and other stuff that’s considered to be part of the bdsm realm I guess. Not all of these we use full time and not all of them would be practical to do so. Some are desires that I have that I would like to incorporate as time goes by depending on how open my Goddess is to the ideas.

  1. I expect my Goddess to keep me in panties everyday only allowing me to wear my male underwear when the risk of being found out are high such as a doctors appointment.
  2. I would like her to start demanding of me to start wearing a bra whenever possible and at night to bed.  These can be hidden below clothes.
  3. I would like her to start having me wear women’s plain pocket jeans. Except for the way they are cut for the most part I think this can be done easily.
  4. I expect her to require me to wear a chastity cage whenever intimate.
  5. I would like her to put a collar and leash on me whenever intimate.
  6. I would like for her whenever possible to start calling me Marcy and refer to me as a girl or wife. Marcy is the fem name she has given to me.
  7. I am required to keep myself clean shaven in my private area and would love her to start doing spot inspections of me there to where if I have gotten lazy she punishes me and makes me shave immediately.
  8. I would love for her to replace all of my bathroom stuff such as my toothbrush, soap, deodorant, etc with more feminine toiletries.
  9. I would like for her to start demanding I kneel before her and kiss her feet and remove her shoes often or at night kneel before her at the side of the bed and say thank you for allowing me to serve her and ask permission before I join her in bed.
  10. I would love more verbal reminders daily that I am her slave and my first priority in life is to make her happy.

A lot of these or maybe all of these might not be your cup of tea but they are all powerful reminders to me mentally of my sacred vow to her, my Goddess of what my place is and where I belong in her presence.

I have the most amazing Goddess/wife/best friend I think that anyone could ask for and her beauty and brains is just a huge benefit I also get to reap out of our relationship. All of these things I have mentioned help me significantly in keeping my mindset where it should be and that at her feet beneath her. She is truly an amazing woman and I am the luckiest man alive in my opinion.

Forever her slave m


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