How I would Like Her to Look at Me

Everyone has their opinions of how they see themselves or perceptions on how someone should look at things which all are right and some wrong but most of all different in so many ways. Their is no doubt that my perception of how my Goddess should feel about and see me is different in many ways but this is how I would envision and hope she grows to view me as her husband, best friend and slave. Many of the ways I hope are already the way she currently does but many ways I would hope she either does or her attitude grows in the direction I describe.

  1. The most important thing of all is that she looks at me as her partner in life, the one she loves and cares deeply about and the one she knows that will always be there for her in good times and bad and trust implicitly.
  2. She looks at my submission as a gift of love and knows that my desire to serve her is not out of any kind of weakness but as pure strength.
  3. She knows that I submit to her because of the love I have for her and my desire to please her.
  4. She knows that I think she is the most amazing beautiful woman that walks this earth and I feel she is more than deserving of my submission and worship of her.
  5. She knows my strengths and weaknesses and knows she can use them and DOES use them to her favor in any way she wants
  6. She knows my desires both sexually and on the kinky side and accepts them and me for who I am and uses them in her favor

Now I think the next things I would expect of her towards me are the hardest because of the fact in the vanilla world they might seem self serving and very selfish but on the other hand its what I desire for the person for her to be. I love confident, selfish woman who puts themselves first, to me that is the biggest turn on in the world. Personally I think its a very healthy trait being selfish and for people to always put themselves first. I think where my Goddess struggles at times is some of the stuff I desire of her is not what typically the world teaches people. But! My desires if being met are my desires and I am selfish in what I desire and when she meets those desires of mine I am happy as can be because I am getting my way and I am putting myself first. So here goes, this is how I wish she would look at me as her slave, the one who desires more than anything in this world to serve her every day for the rest of my life. My desires clearly will not line up with 99% of the average joe, but that’s what is great about life, we all have our own opinions and desires and we are entitled to them.

  1. First and foremost as my Goddess I EXPECT her to elevate herself in all ways above me and put herself FIRST! I expect her to look down at me as her fulltime slave and that my number one priority SHOULD be her happiness only.
  2. I would expect her to quit asking me for things or to do things but instead understand that when I do things for her that pleases me so therefore start TELLING me what to do and once she tells me what to do, expect it to be answered always in a respectful way of yes or no Ma’am and then its done.
  3. I would expect that upon arriving home everyday she would EXPECT me to remove her shoes and kiss her feet and for me to thank her for allowing me the privilege of serving her
  4. I would expect her to demand that every night we go to bed I kneel beside her and ask permission to join her in bed for it is a privilege to sleep with her
  5. I would expect her to view it as my job and number one priority to sexually pleasure her in anyway she desires with no regards to my physical satisfaction for my sexual satisfaction is the pleasure of satisfying her
  6. I would expect her when she is in the mood to be pleasured to just order me to do it and put herself first and not worry if I am tired or in the mood or whatever women think of
  7. I would expect her to think of it as my job only to do all domestic chores and cooking
  8. I would expect her to give me verbal reminders each day of my place beneath her
  9. I would expect her to be confident and have the attitude that I am very lucky just to have the privilege that I am allowed to serve her but most importantly BELIEVE IT!
  10. I would expect her to hold me accountable for any and every infraction against the rules by punishing me
  11. I would expect her to support alternative ways to reinforce my place beneath her as her slave such as ensuring that I’m wearing panties each and every day, when appropriate encouraging me to wear bras and hose by laying them out and making me wear them
  12. I would expect her to use pet names that she knows are somewhat humiliating but yet reinforce my position by referring to me as her slave, bitch, wife or girl etc.
  13. Most of all, by encompassing all the above I would expect her total control over me
  14. She should always expect my obedience, loyalty and support to her in all ways and decisions she makes

Now, I know and have no doubts that the above mentioned  expectations are probably not for 99% of people and I respect that. But this is my desires, this is my life and I am being selfish and putting myself first when I say by doing all this it makes ME the happiest man alive and I love my Goddess/wife that much that I DO wish to serve her completely and by putting her first in all ways it also puts ME first in all ways!





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