Fantasies vs Reality

Fantasy-the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable.

Reality-the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.

Fantasies. We all have them. We all dream of them. Some are the darkest desires within our minds that are impossible to ever happen and some are very possible to make reality if you are willing to put in the effort.

Can fantasy and reality co-exist? Can fantasy become reality or is reality just fantasy? Kind of confusing I imagine. The question is, in your reality, which one do you think is my fantasy and which is my reality. Can fantasy and reality be successful together or do we have a choice of one or the other?

When I was a kid I used to have dreams of having powers of being able to fly, stop bullets with my chest, lift cars and throw them like they are pop cans just like Superman. Could this Fantasy ever become reality? Hell no. When I became aware and interested in sexual things I started dreaming about having dozens of women at my disposal just wanting to lay with me, you think that will ever happen? Hell no. Another recurring dream I used to have was of this very powerful sexy woman that would tower over me looking down as I cower on my knees before her as she barks out commands how life is going to be for now on and how lucky I am just to be in her presence. Think that will ever happen? Hell n……..WAIT! my Fantasy did become a reality!

The point I’m trying to make is there are a lot of fantasies we as kids had growing up whether they are fantasies of being the President of the United States or a solider or just  a slave to a beautiful sexy Goddess. We all have our personal desires of what we want in life and what goals we want to achieve but most fantasies are obtainable in the reality.

Reality & Husband/wife

Growing up I was always conditioned to societies idea of what we as “normal” everyday people should strive for. I would graduate high school, get a good job, meet a good loyal woman and fall in love. Soon after that I would marry, buy a house and have children and live a simple life and blend in with 99.9% of every other person that has followed societies normal expectations. But is this really what I wanted? Did I want to work in a factory and make an ok living while being married to someone I loved but loved because she was what society dictated is a good wife but truly not really what I yearned for deep down. Did I want to come home to dinner on the table every night like my dad did and se my kids as an annoyance in life but had them out of a sense of duty? Did I want to look at my wife more as a fellow employee in life with the only goals was to be married, raise kids, retire and then die. Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with the above if this is all you wish for and you’re fulfilled by it. I could be perfectly happy like this, you know, being the normal couple of how society would see it. But let me ask you a question, how many times as a kid growing up did you dream of “normal” stuff.

Transitioning from Reality to Fantasy

Why can’t the fantasies become reality in everyday life? Why can’t we make what we most desire in life our “Normal”? WE CAN! All we have to do is make it happen! It’s our choice what we make as our normal in life and if you fail to make your fantasies your normal then the only person you have to blame is yourself.

Maybe I am way off base here in my thinking but I would imagine that all women want a man that is going to treat them like a Goddess in all ways. Yes, I had fantasies as a young boy of having a harem of beautiful women treating me like some God, waiting on me hand and foot with lots and lots of sex with all these beautiful women. I also had dreams of this powerful, confident sexy woman standing over me that controlled every aspect of my life and made me into her personal slave. For some reason the later took over and the dreams of multiple beautiful women worshipping me as a god slowly disappeared for me serving a beautiful sexy Goddess. Why did this happen? No clue. Maybe it was from my upbringing watching my mom whom I was very close to being treated like she was nothing more than someone to cook and clean and raise kids. I could see the hurt in her every day wanting more in life and never having it. She settled for the expectations of what society deemed normal. Growing up I promised myself that I would never treat a woman like that. I would respect them, love them, lift them up, if they would be willing to accept that, and treat my woman like a Goddess. I now have that special person in my life!

Making Fantasy of Goddess/slave a Reality

Well, I got the most difficult thing out of the way to make my fantasy a reality. I met my fantasy! I met the woman who I think is the most amazing, loving, sexy, beautiful creature that walks this earth! Now to see if her fantasy matches up with mine so we can make our  fantasy a reality.

After many long talks about what we both want in life it seems that they do match up pretty close! The one thing I asked for which she gladly agreed to was a formal contract between her and I as to what roles we will play from here on in our marriage.

It started out more as a Mistress/sub type agreement and we tried, and tried, and tried. With so many bullshit interruptions in life between drama, disagreements and family stuff we failed at making this reality. But along the way at least for me my idea of the arrangement has changed from past learning experiences from Mistress/sub to Mistress/slave to now the final wish and desire, Goddess/slave.

So here we are again with a newly revised contract attempting to make our fantasies our reality. I think she has also learned a lot over the past years of who she is as a woman and what she desires out of me as her slave. She loves and wants to be treated like a Goddess. She loves the attention. Like all women she wants the normal stuff such as the feeling of being loved, desired, and feeling beautiful. She hates all domestic chores and gladly now has me do all of them which I do willingly with pride because I know I am serving her and making her life better. She now makes all decisions for us and her decisions are final.

So far, we are on our way to making our fantasies a reality. We have a LONG ways to go and a lot to learn still but the great thing is we have never given up on OUR dreams of having this special relationship. If I had to put a number on it I would say we are 20% there. To me there is three aspects that in my opinion is the biggest hurdles we need to overcome to reach that 100%.

  • Societies view of Normal.
    • Living this way fulltime at first is really hard. Not because it if difficult as far as treating each other the way we desire but hiding it from vanilla people. It is often difficult at times for me to accept my role as her slave and her being the one in charge. According to society it should be reversed and going against that when she tells me what to do in front of other men they look at me like I don’t have a pair of balls. Then I’m sure women and men might perceive her as a bitch. Personally for me I don’t give a shit what others think of me but I know my Goddess is very sensitive to what others think of her.
    • Another thing is clothing. I have accepted my role 100% as her slave and her as my Goddess! I am not only her slave but also have pretty much assumed the role of what society would deem the “housewife”. One thing I desire is to feel her power and control over me and I want to feel always like her slave and housewife hence I love wearing some feminine clothing. To me, the clothing part is like if you had a radio with a poor signal and you hook up an antenna to it to get a stronger signal. That’s what the clothing does for me! it makes me feel more her slave and housewife. The clothing part doesn’t bother me, I actually have a very open mind and its just clothing but according to society its not normal.
    • Society Society Society! Normal Normal Normal! We all have to change and ACCEPT that if to be successful in a alternative lifestyle, the abnormal is a lot of times the NORMAL!

Acceptance of Roles and Responsibilities

Living this life is a lot different then what society expects in the vanilla life of a couple. The way we were raised also has a huge influence on accepting the roles. There are a lot of things as a Goddess my wife has to accept without any ill feelings towards herself and this can be the biggest hurdle a woman can have transitioning into the role of a Goddess. She has to go against societies norm the way most people’s idea of a great marriage or relationship should be like.


  1. First and foremost she needs to change her whole way of thinking as far as relationships and most importantly understand and ACCEPT that this is what her husband/slave also wants and desires. She is the Goddess and he is the slave! She is superior in every way and he should view himself to be very lucky to just be with her and it is a gift from her to be able to serve her. (this I believe is the hardest, if they accept this the rest naturally fall into place.)
  2. She needs to understand this is fulltime and never part time. This is the new normal for the two of you! From here on abnormal is what society deems normal.
  3. She needs to accept her role as Goddess and start adopting the attitude and confidence of her new role
  4. She needs to start being selfish and put herself first
  5. She needs to accept the responsibility she is the one in charge and making the decisions from here on and her decisions are final
  6. She needs to accept that it is her duty from now on to hold him accountable for transgressions and firmly punish him when needed, its for his good to learn and be trained to be a better slave
  7. Although harsh in some ways she needs to start viewing her husband/slave equally also as a domestic tool, a tool to use and command clean her house, cook her dinners, do her laundry while she relaxes and enjoys life
  8. Sexually she needs to look at her husband/slave as nothing more than a sex toy, a sex toy there for her pleasure only while never reciprocating pleasure back to her slave


  1. He needs to accept everything is different now. She is superior in every way and his number one priority now is to serve her emotionally, sexually and domestically. Her happiness is his #1 priority while putting his aside.
  2. He needs to set his male ego aside with her and do as told and accept, she is the one in charge.
  3. He needs to be totally obedient to her 24/7 and accept this is no longer a 50/50 relationship. Its now 99/1 in her favor.
  4. He needs to understand this is fulltime and never part time. This is the new normal for the two of you! From here on abnormal is what society deems normal. His job is solely  to please and pleasure his Goddess is 24/7, not just when he wants to

On a personal note

Although I think the Goddess has more areas she needs to change as far as mindset I think the biggest and most difficult change is on the part of the male slave. For me, this is where I struggle the most. I love my wife/Goddess so much and think she is the most amazing, sexy woman alive and I DO sincerely desire to be under her control 100% and DO desire to be kneeling before her. It is such an amazing feeling that overcomes my whole being to be before her on my knees looking up at her. But because she is so kind hearted and is afraid of what I may feel or react in certain situations she fails to accept and embrace entirely my gift and desires to submit and worship her fully.

My Goddess has to not only accept her new role as the superior one in charge but also BELIEVE she is worthy of her slaves worship and serving.

Because it does go against what society has ingrained in us all of our lives, this I believe, is the hardest obstacle for her to overcome, but once she accepts this new persona everything should fall in line. Once she accepts this and believes that this is what her slave wants in life then only, and not until then, the fantasy becomes reality. Although she DOES say she wants this also, she has of yet to believe it 100%. She is trying and is half way there by accepting it but I think she struggles with the other half of actually believing it fully. Unfortunately I am human and at times get frustrated because to me its almost she either doesn’t believe me or trust me that this is also what I desire but I have no intensions of giving up on this because she is worth it all!

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”  

I believe whole heartedly we can do this and never intend of giving up and I have no doubt that together me and my Goddess can and WILL turn this life together that we desire from Fantasy to Reality!




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