Bucket list for 2017

It’s that time of year again where we all make our new years resolutions. Some are kept, most are broken. So there are a few I have in mind that I would like to declare that I will make for sure and some I will give my best effort to be successful at.

The most important one and the one I WILL keep and the one I most desire to be successful at is becoming a better slave to my Goddess in every way. We have tried and tried for the past years to transform our marriage into a loving Goddess/slave relationship only failing each and every time not due to our choices really but due to outside influences of everyday events that were challenging in every way. We have had to set “us” aside each time to take care of others for one reason or another. I believe now, hopefully, we are past all these unexpected events and now its time to shift more of the focus on us!

We have been back at it now for a few months in our agreement and our agreed upon roles and it feels really good this time and going very well. We have grown much closer I feel in all ways mentally and physically. We have been communicating much more and I feel life has been much happier and less stressful.

We both have a long ways to go I believe but we are on the right path for success as long as more bullshit doesn’t pop up. So as far as my wish list/resolution for 2017 in this area it is as follows.

  1. My love to continue to grow for my Goddess
  2. Spend more time on my knees before her worshipping her
  3. Become more obedient and less defiant
  4. Become much more submissive to her
  5. Become more respectful
  6. To put her needs and desires more before my own
  7. To come up with new and more ideas to please and pleasure her
  8. Spend more “alone” time with her
  9. Make her smile more
  10. Make her feel like she is the most amazing sexy woman alive!

PAY OFF ALL DEBT and become debt free except of course our house!!!!!!!!!!!!

My next few goals are for myself personally to help myself become more healthy

  1. Quit smoking
  2. Become more physical active with exercise

I do not think the above goals and resolutions are by any means unattainable and fully intend on directing my complete focus on them. I know I am very blessed to have the most amazing family one could have and definitely the most amazing Goddess as my wife that makes me feel like the luckiest man alive that she allows me to serve her.

I love you my Goddess!

your slave forever marc




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