Tools are something we use to assist us in reaching a goal. That goal may be building a piece of furniture to sit on or the goal of being able to deal with todays stresses in todays crazy life. They can be something as simple as a screwdriver or as unique and expensive as a psychologist. They can be used to tear things down such as a automotive engine to even yes, a person, like the military does in basic training. Tools are anything that assist us in reaching a end goal.

We all use tools everyday to deal with different situations in life and probably do not even realize it most times. How do you get to work? Probably a car, right? your end goal each morning you have to work is to reach that destination and you do that by using a tool, your car! How about when you start to stress in a certain way, you can use medicines, counselors, exercise, and many other forms that may work for you to release that stress. What my end goal here in writing this (and yes this blog is my tool) is we have countless things we deal with everyday and we use tools to deal with all these situations to reach that end result. To one person someone may view a cooking utensil as a exquisite piece of equipment only a chef would use and the next person might just think of it as your everyday kitchen utensil. I guess here what I am trying to state is everyone views tools in different ways and to some, a tool may be more valuable or helpful to one person than the next.

Setting Goals

In the way of life that me and my Goddess have chosen to live I have a goal. That goal is to feel owned by her and hopefully spiral as deep as I can get down that staircase of slavery and submissiveness as I can. I have the strongest desire every day to worship her at her feet but ultimately my end goal is to feel 100% controlled by her, 100% submissive to her and for her also to engrain fear of her in me using swift and harsh punishment that would result in ways that will help me better serve her without any infractions and always showing her due respect. I am the luckiest man alive and I know this for she has chosen to allow me to serve her and who wouldn’t want to serve an amazing, sexy, smart, kind, loving woman?

Reaching Your Goals

Reaching goals can be tough if trying to do it alone without help. As much as I desire to worship and be at my Goddess’s feet I will be able to reach my goal much easier by using tools. This is where I guess as different as our relationship is from societies norm, so of the tools may just as different. Again, as far as what tools work for one might not work for the other. Some tools take more of an open mind than others but they all serve the same purpose and that’s to reach an end goal!

I have tried to provide every means to my Goddess by giving her or telling her of multiple tools to help me on my journey into complete ownership/submissiveness towards here. Some she uses quite successfully some she is very cautious on due to that thing again called “societies Norm”. For me personally (Hard Limits/beliefs) as long as what people do is between two consenting adults, male/female, does not involve anything illegal and kept pretty much private, the only “normal” should be what ever a couple chooses to do and receives pleasure out of it and grows their relationship in a positive way.

I fell in love with my Goddess for who she is inside as a person and believe me, in my opinion she is much different today than when I met her, but her core is the same. She is amazing, sexy and smart. One major change in her today compared to when I met her is her attitude and the way she carries herself, she is a much stronger and confident woman today then when we first met. I believe I was a huge part in that positive change in her by using my arsenal of tools I had. Those tools are called love, respect, loyalty, trust, compliments, desire of her, and more. Since I viewed her pretty much as my Goddess I used whatever I could get my hands on that would assist her in growing into the woman she is today and she has changed a lot so I do know as adults with help we all can change how we view things and treat one another and that is my ultimate goal and that is where I am asking my Goddess for help and to use with an open mind whatever tools she has available to her to mold me into the obedient slave she most desires. One thing that needs to be realized though it is work and takes consistency and both have to partake and be supportive for someone to change but change is very possible.

My Tools

The following is a list of tools that my Goddess has at her disposal to train and mold me into the worshipping slave she so desires and although some may be judgemental of them because they might go against societies norms to me they are just what I said they are, tools and nothing more and what works on me might not work on the next person.

Chastity Cage-when I’m locked up it gives me a strong sense of being owned by my Goddess as long as she is the one making me wear it and controlling the key and deciding length of time. My ultimate goal would be wearing it 24/7 but after extended use of a day or so I start to feel soreness and so I am cautious but wish she would start having me wear it daily and hopefully slowly over time while increasing times my body would adjust to it to be permanent.

Women’s clothing-here is the topic that goes against societies norms I guess and where she struggles to accept them merely as a tool and an article of clothing. I am NOT trying to transform my looks to look like a female nor do I desire being a woman lol. It’s purely a mental thing and I will admit it’s exciting to have a dirty little secret we share together and no one else has a clue.  I do wear panties daily now and she has adjusted to that quite well. They serve as a constant reminder of my place beneath my Goddess. BUT they also make me feel more submissive towards her also. I have recently acquired bras now that also add on to that submissive feeling and hope that she will someday be as acceptance to those and other things as the panties due to I can easily wear them below my clothing without anyone taking note but again I do not intend on forcing the issue. I have also expressed my desire to my Goddess to purchase and wear women’s jeans that would pass for men’s. It would be incredible if one day we were out and out of nowhere took me to a store and handed me a few pair and directed me to go try them on. Not sure if it will ever happen but I guess one can dream! 🙂 Feminine articles of clothing magnify my desires for some reason and not sure why, of how I wish to feel towards her. Maybe it is because the whole idea that according to societies norm traditionally women are supposed to be subservient to their men and by wearing them it softens my personality in a way that I should be the subservient one if that makes sense. But I will add that at least for panties they are 100% a hell of a lot more comfortable then men’s with a lot more choices of styles, materials and color! Men’s clothes are very limited and boring.

Verbal reminders-as her slave now I feel I have taken over all the roles of a typical housewife. I do all the cooking, cleaning and laundry. My Goddess at times now refers to me as her wife. Society defines the wife as a female where I define it as a role in a marriage and not a gender hence I love her referring to me as her wife and wish she would just make it a normal description going forward of my position in our marriage. I take it as a compliment rather than a put down. Now don’t take me wrong, I don’t want to be a woman and never would want to but honestly we have done a complete role reversal between us hence she at times refers to me as her bitch or a woman and at times when I do something good she will say good girl. Although those names make me blush some I enjoy them and they do aide tremendously in making me feel submissive towards her and I crave being called them.

Whips, chains and strap-on’s oh my! Toys are another great tool in her dominance over me! Strapping me down and sexually taking advantage of me is a feeling like no other and I am 100% under her control and mercy. She can use me however she likes! Pegging is another very powerful tool in her asenal. When she straps that on and fucks me I am transformed from reality to total and complete submission to her! The act is domineering and the feeling of looking up or back at her while she plunges deep inside me is indescribable! It cements our places between us!

Punishment-probably the most powerful tool in her arsenal and the one we have to work on the most. Once she gets over her apprehension of what I will think if she punishes me or what my reaction will be and start holding me accountable for ALL indescretions I will finally feel the one thing that in my opinion is the  foundation of control. FEAR! Fear and belief that if I screw up in any way I will be punished.

Orgasm Denial-I think by now at least sexually my Goddess believes sexually all I care about is her pleasure and I am willing to give up any form of release from my side. Reading the scientific part of what happens when a man cums/orgasms with all the chemicals released to the brain all it does is significantly cause a long pause and a setback in my training and submissiveness. I would challenge any male that is in a D/s or M/s relationship where he is the slave or submissive to challenge me on this! When I cum my manliness starts to rage for about ten days! I want to be in charge, I want to conquer, I am not submissive at all, in fact I start thinking being submissive is stupid and I am going to prove I am not hence losing all desire to serve and be loving and obedient. Yes you may be able to shorten that time with ruined orgasms but you still have a setback hence we have decided I am not allowed to cum at all. I support this decision 100%. Yes I love to have a huge orgasm or even just cum with a ruined orgasm but the results aren’t worth it to me because I lose all my feelings of submissiveness for a time period. I hate that feeling and LOVE feeling submissive to my Goddess and being at her feet.

To sum it all up!

The one thing I know for sure is my Goddess LOVES being worshipped and looked up to and being in charge, that I have no doubts in. We both as far as I know share the same goals of her total domination and my complete submission. The more these tools are used on me the deeper down that spiral staircase of service and submissiveness I will fall. I know she is hesitant in some areas due to it does go against societies norms and she isn’t used to it but to me it is what it is and it’s something between her and I and no matter what she does to me or what I wear as clothing I will always be me, the MAN she fell in love with who loves her unconditionally no matter what and she definitely should have no doubts about that!

I have always been open minded to a point but I think one of my biggest flaws is being impatient. When I want something I typically want it now and not later. The one thing I think I most desire in life is to be that slave and have that strong feeling of total submission towards her and not to feel like it’s roleplay but to feel it and believe it that it is a complete normal everyday thing between my Goddess and me. I know most people wouldn’t understand my desires and think badly of me but that’s ok because I feel the same about a lot of people for doing things they do but I respect the fact it’s their thing, just like this is ours. All I ask of my Goddess is to use the above tools as much as possible to assist me in reaching my/our destination of total submission and her domination.


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