New Year, New Attitude!

I think the following two statements we can all agree on!

I do not think there is anyone out there that is happily married or in a committed relationship that purposely does not want to give their partner everything they possibly can in order to make them happy. Same thing goes for kids, any parents that love their children never want to deny them anything, we all want to give them everything we possibly can to help them be successful.

Just the same as far as the way we talk to loved ones. Nobody that truly loves their partner or children are intentionally rude or disrespectful to them in any way. If we love the person we always do the right thing to help them to reach their goals in life if we can.

Is their ever a time to “parent” your partner and refuse them something or talk in a demeaning way to them or force them to do something?

The answer is quite simply YES.

Although this is my opinion I DO understand and respect the fact that others opinion can and probably do differ in many ways and that’s ok. Every relationship is different and what works for one might not for the other. I kind of view in some ways the type of relationship my wife and I have agreed upon as Goddess/slave in some ways is parent/child.

When we have children we make decisions for them every day, why? Because we know what is best for them. Rarely children agree nor understand why we as parents make the decisions we do but we know as parents that we make them with what’s best in mind for them. Sometimes the children go against what we say and do not listen which results in some form of punishment. But we make them decisions with confidence knowing we are doing what’s best for them.

These decisions we make for them, we do with no consideration for what the child will think or how the child will act out or feel. We make them because its what is best for the child! We never let the reactions or fear of how the child will react influence how we make decisions, talk to them, or even punish when necessary. We do it because we love them and its what we believe is best for them and it will help them be successful.

So fast forward to adulthood and dealing with your spouse/partner in life. The dynamics of how we treat other people and the decisions we make become individualized. We typically do NOT  make the decisions for our spouse/partner in life because we are now all adults and know better, right? The answer is not that easy here because it is yes and no.

In a typical vanilla relationship/marriage in todays society it is basically 50/50. We respect each other in the fact that we make decisions with both parties in mind opposed to just one person.  We have free will and can make those decisions without fear of retribution from anyone for the most part. Sure some decisions we make might frustrate your partner but we hope they make them with you in mind also and we also know if the decisions were bad choices and the outcome turns out to be bad we also have no fear of punishment.

In my relationship with my Goddess where I have 100% consented to serving her as her slave 24/7 she has the obligation of making all the decisions. She may at times ask my opinion on tough situations or decisions that will affect both of us but overall, the final decision is hers. Our relationship is in my opinion 95/5 where my 5 is where I am allowed to at least express my opinion. I gave my Goddess this power over me for many reasons:

  1. She’s smart
  2. She makes good rational decisions
  3. We typically view most things the same
  4. I do want to change in some ways to be more in line with her views
  5. I want her to make decisions with her in mind first
  6. I want her to be happy and get what she wants
  7. I want her to be in control

Now comes the hard part for both of us!

From my perspective I have to get used to, and accept her making all the decisions, and be prepared that she will make some decisions I do not agree with. Rather than go against them I need to remind myself going forward of my role beneath her and be obedient and accept them 100%, trusting that she made them with the mindset of what is best for both of us while still putting herself first.

For my Goddess she has to get used to making all the decisions! I used to be the primary decision maker on most things but I always did confer with her and get her opinion on nearly everything first. After sitting down with my Goddess and discussing everything I have given all this to my Goddess. My main focus from now on is one thing, that is to serve her in any way she wishes.

With the new year upon us I have made it a resolution of mine personally to be more submissive to my Goddess and worship her more, but most importantly look up to her for direction in everyday decisions. I do want this, and she say’s she also wants this. I no longer want the 50/50 relationship. I want it to be 95/5 in her favor as far as the power distribution. I believe communication is everything in relationships and I wish to pas along my thoughts to my Goddess on areas I think she can grow in also and how I would love to see things go if she so chooses. Some might call this topping from the bottom or whatever, I am not telling her what to do I am communicating my thoughts is all, she has freewill to do whatever she wishes.

My Goddess has come a long ways recently and is doing incredible as the one in charge. Things take time and not everything is going to change overnight I understand, but my wish is that for 2017 is we can reach our goals. So here is a list of what my wants and desires are for my Goddess which in turn will help me immensely serve her as the Goddess I love, adore, respect and admire.

  1. Most importantly TRUST in me 100% that I DO want you in charge and I DO think you are sexy and amazing
  2. With the new year adapt and embrace your role as my Goddess, the one in complete charge
  3. Make all decisions with confidence trusting in me to be acceptant and obedient
  4. Be selfish and think of yourself first always
  5. Walk with absolute confidence in your beauty and power
  6. Discard your all your fears of leading in all ways by having faith I will not react in a negative way to your decisions
  7. ALWAYS be consistent and hold me accountable for transgressions by enforcing punishment
  8. Demand respect always from me
  9. Demand worship from me always
  10. In regards to you building your confidence, trust and control of me, be more supportive, be creative and open minded in ways of building upon my submissiveness (see tools section)
  11. Find creative ways and demand more ways for me to serve you better and never feel guilty that you may be asking too much of me. I love serving you and the more I can do for you the better I feel knowing I am pleasing you
  12. Work on your communication skills with me by telling me what’s on your mind and how you feel about things

Again, I realize most things do NOT happen overnight and I’m ok with it. A lot of things in our choice of lifestyle I also know goes against traditional thinking and what society deems as normal. But like my Goddess always says,” it works for us”. Personally as far as I think as long as we are consenting in our lifestyle and it brings us closer then in my humble opinion anything goes! no matter how “kinky” or strange or how much it goes against societies norm as long as we keep it private and between us only with no 3rd party involved to where it helps build our closeness in our relationship and also allows us to be our true self I look at it as a positive!

I love my wife/Goddess so much and most importantly I love her from the inside out meaning I love the person she is within. To me it doesn’t matter if she were 110 pounds or 210 pounds, or if she were to wear nothing but sweats or dresses, or drive a Volkswagen or Mercedes she is my Goddess. I guess what I am trying to say is I love her for her! I love her for who she is INSIDE! I do not love her for what she has or the clothes she wears (however when she puts on a skirt and heels OMG!), or the size of person she is, or what her desires of material things may be, these do not make the person. The person is who is found within!  That person within my Goddess is warm, caring, loving, and just simply an amazing beautiful person!

I love you my Goddess with all my heart!

your slave always m




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