Let It Go!

You can never be happy if you’re always afraid to let go of what’s comfortable, familiar. Sometimes, those are the things that hurts us.

Ever want to do something new or wonder what it would be like to do something new? Ever had a chance to do something new and pass it up then regret you didn’t? How about this, ever want to do something new and do it, and found out you loved it? Do you pass on doing new things only because you think it might make you feel uncomfortable? Ever take a chance and do that “uncomfortable” thing and find out it was like second nature to you and you enjoyed doing it?

I think we all pass up on doing things because we might feel the thought of doing something might be uncomfortable, unfamiliar or even worse, afraid of doing something like trusting and loving because we have been burnt badly in the past.

Opinions, beliefs, traditions, and feelings change typically in all of us over time. I am a perfect example of this. Mine have changed a lot and the one thing that changed all of them without me having any kind of choice about it is my wife/Goddess.

Here is where the phrase “Let it go” come in play.

First off I was raised with very old fashion vales and traditions. My father ruled the house with an iron fist while providing for the household financially. My mother was the traditional housewife who did all the cooking, cleaning, parenting and whatever was demanded of her by my father.

I have been burnt by women several times both mentally and financially to where I had to start over gain because they got everything and it took years to regain what I had. For nearly ten years I lived single with a lot of harsh feelings to the female race. After all they all are nothing but a bunch of gold digging whores who cheat on their husbands and spend their lives in the bars being alcoholics all while, we men are being good by staying home and working hard to provide, right?

If and that’s a big if, I ever got stupid and met someone that I wanted to share my life with again I’ll be dammed if I ever trust again! I’m going to want what my father always told me to go after. A woman who doesn’t work (because when they work they cheat), a woman who is only interested in basically being barefoot and pregnant who knows their place is in the kitchen cooking my dinners. I will rule my house with an iron fist like him and not put up with any bullshit from anyone period!  (I know my Goddess has a huge smirk on her face here)

Well, after being single for nearly 10 years all my fears, harsh feelings, hesitations, bitterness towards my arch enemy the female race got stomped on hard and ground deep hard into the ground. I met her! You know the one that was going to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen whom I would never trust and rule with an iron fist! Yup, I met her.

I let it go!

I am not going to go into how, why or when only to save on time but all those feelings I had towards women, you know the manly ones? I let them go! This woman I met blew my socks off! She is so damn sexy, beautiful and amazing she robbed me of all those feelings and she has actually made me into what I intended her to be. I am the one that cooks, cleans, and spends my life in the kitchen and takes direction from her. Yup. I’m the wife.

I was blessed to meet the most amazing incredible woman alive and she completely took over my life in the fact that I feel so deep in love with her that I would do anything for her. I never felt this strong of love before! I soon started to notice the more I did for her the happier she was which in turn made me happier. For numerous reasons and all positive we actually found a commonality in an alternative lifestyle of Dominant and submissive. I never pictured things the way they are now due to I always thought it would be me/Master, her/submissive but it is 100% reversed that now. I am now happier than I have EVER been being married to my wife whom I now refer to as my Goddess. I happily serve her everyday doing all the domestic chores a typical housewife does. I am at her beckon call to satisfy her sexually (and pay her $$ for allowing me the pleasure) with no regards to myself, due to I am no longer being allowed to cum.

Moral of the Story

  1. If I had refused to let go of my negative feelings, trust issues and animosity I would not be married to the most amazing woman alive.
  2. If I hadn’t tried new experiences with my wife I would be missing out on a lot of pleasures I now enjoy.
  3. If I had stayed in my comfortable space I would be missing out of everything I have right now.
  4. If I didn’t have an open mind and want to experiment with some things I would not be the person I am today.

So when it comes to life, open up your mind to all things and never rule something out until you have tried it. Be experimental, adventurous and try new things as long as it isn’t hurting someone. Get out of your comfort zone from time to time, you might like it and learn new things! Encourage and support your partner in life in their interest and choices. Personally I want my wife/Goddess to become more dominant over me. I want to look up at her each and every day as the most amazing powerful woman alive so I try my best to encourage that in whatever ways I can to build her mindset up.

I in turn ask for her to do the same for me as her slave. I want her to chose my clothing, talk to me as her slave, demand respect, assign tasks, and always keep me in the state of denial.

I always believe you should always put yourself first as I do always. The type of lifestyle I have chosen to live as my wife’s/Goddess’s slave is putting myself first, because her happiness and love is what I most desire in life. But I could not do it if I wouldn’t have opened up my mind some and let all past stuff go and looked at life with my Goddess as a new beginning with no anticipation of what direction we would grow in. I just followed my heart and went with stuff at the spur of the moment and let go! I have learned so much about myself these past years with her and hope to continue to grow in my service and love to my Goddess each and every day for the rest of my life.

I want to leave you with a few questions to ask yourself.  If your partner were to pass away today would you feel good that you did everything in your power to support and encourage him/her in life. Was there something else you could have done? Do you have any regrets?


To my Goddess

Missing you is my hobby, caring for you is my job, making you happy is my duty, and proudly serving and loving you is my life!

I love you with all my heart

your slave always marc



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