One thing I think everyone strives for as a slave in a M/s relationship is that feeling of total control. Totally being under someone else’s control 100%. Not just surrendering yourself willingly to someone but actually giving over that control them taking it and you under their control 100% for a given time and you not being able to have a choice of freewill. One way to experience this is a cage!

I had read different articles on caging your slave before my Goddess and I begun our journey into this lifestyle and proposed the idea of buying one when we started our journey. I expressed the psychological benefits to me and her both along with other benefits and she agreed to “try “implementing one into our lives.  I purchased one to experiment with in hopes we would both like it.

At first we bought a large flimsy dog crate to see if we would use it and like it before spending the money on a good cage. We received it from eBay and I right away set it up in the closet and that night we begun using it.

Before I go on I want to stress that I understand and respect people view M/s, D/s lifestyles differently, everyone has ways that work for them that don’t for others and this is MY take on how I want to look at our relationship together with my Goddess.

I know that no one sex is superior than the other completely. Each sex has their strengths and weaknesses. I DO however believe one person can be superior to the other and this is where me and my Goddess come into play. If I were to rate us each in lets say 10 different areas I would say she is superior in 7 out of 10 of them. Those areas of superiority in her is where I desire to focus my worship on her while trying to help her build up the areas she is lacking.

So back to the cage. So in all stories I have ever heard, read, watched that involve a Goddess and slaves not once did I ever come across one where a slave is worthy to sleep next to his goddess every night. In all honesty this type of mindset is the exact mindset I wish my Goddess to adopt and live by. I am her slave by choice and I do recognize and honor her superiority over me so our mindset should be that I am not worthy in her bed except for when she calls on me to pleasure her sexually. So as soon as the cage arrived I set it up in our walk in closet and we started using it. I started sleeping in it every night with the door of it padlocked shut.

After a month or so we both figured out it was a positive addition to our lives and also got sick and tired of hearing the flimsy cage rattling etc. whenever I moved inside it so we bit the bullet and spent nearly $400 on an actual real cage for animals that has actual bars on it. I slept every night in that cage for over a year and slept very well. We found out it offered a lot of benefits and some we never counted on.

  1. My Goddess is a light sleeper, this allowed her to sleep uninterrupted the whole night without being woken by me tossing & turning or snoring.
  2. Since she slept better every night she was in better moods and didn’t have as many migraine headaches.
  3. It also allowed her privacy to masturbate whenever she wanted without fear of me walking in on her and being embarrassed.
  4. Mentally it built up the control aspect both in her and me.
  5. I found sleeping on the hard surface every night was much better for my back. so less back pain daily.
  6. I had a problem leaving in the middle of the night and moving to the couch to watch TV, that I no longer do.
  7. In my mind I felt much closer to my Goddess because I was actually 100% at her mercy and control for about 8 hours out of everyday.
  8. It solidified our positions we accepted stronger as her being the superior one over me and me the lessor.
  9. I think it also positively affected me as in me showing more respect and being more obedient to her.
  10. It made me feel more loved due to it gave me a sense she was paying more attention to me.

A couple years ago we decided to upgrade our lives and now we live in a different home and between moving and life’s drama our special relationship fell to the wayside and we were just living as a everyday vanilla couple. Raising kids, working full time and doing our responsible dull everyday duties we all do that is expected of us. The “us” time we used to so cherish in my opinion was now gone.

Fast forward about 18 months and we decide to reclaim our “us” time and my Goddess says she is ready to lead and demand my worship again. I gladly accept. My Goddess and I get along so much better in everyway while practicing our special lifestyle. The old contract was rewritten and agreed upon and signed and once again we were on our way to having “us” time! About the only thing that we had to bring back was the cage and finally it was set up and we started using it again but not as consistently as before for.

This time is different though. Last time I was inside the closet in our bedroom just on the other side of the door about 5′ away from my Goddess. This time I’m down the hall and locked in the cage in a storage closet under the stairs. Where as before I still felt close to my Goddess at night now I feel left alone. The one thing I admit I do not like is that this arrangement is suppose to bring us closer and in a lot of ways it does but in some ways it doesn’t due to the distance.

I still however get half of the benefits. I feel the control, and actually sleep better at night. Not sure why but being locked up in the cage and it only being 36″ wide by 52″ long I feel safe and at ease even though I am cramped and unable to stretch out. I also feel good knowing that my Goddess is sleeping better every night also. After all, this relationship is mostly about her right?

I have been kicking some ideas around in my head to make it work to where the cage is brought back into our bedroom closet but ultimately that is up to my Goddess. Hopefully I can make it work so when its time for bed there will be no question where ‘my’ bed is and I go there directly and climb in and look up as my Goddess closes the lock and walks away until morning when she lets me out.






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