Tools are something we use to assist us in reaching a goal. That goal may be building a piece of furniture to sit on or the goal of being able to deal with todays stresses in todays crazy life. They can be something as simple as a screwdriver or as unique and expensive as a psychologist. They can be used to tear things down such as a automotive engine to even yes, a person, like the military does in basic training. Tools are anything that assist us in reaching a end goal.

We all use tools everyday to deal with different situations in life and probably do not even realize it most times. How do you get to work? Probably a car, right? your end goal each morning you have to work is to reach that destination and you do that by using a tool, your car! How about when you start to stress in a certain way, you can use medicines, counselors, exercise, and many other forms that may work for you to release that stress. What my end goal here in writing this (and yes this blog is my tool) is we have countless things we deal with everyday and we use tools to deal with all these situations to reach that end result. To one person someone may view a cooking utensil as a exquisite piece of equipment only a chef would use and the next person might just think of it as your everyday kitchen utensil. I guess here what I am trying to state is everyone views tools in different ways and to some, a tool may be more valuable or helpful to one person than the next.

Setting Goals

In the way of life that me and my Goddess have chosen to live I have a goal. That goal is to feel owned by her and hopefully spiral as deep as I can get down that staircase of slavery and submissiveness as I can. I have the strongest desire every day to worship her at her feet but ultimately my end goal is to feel 100% controlled by her, 100% submissive to her and for her also to engrain fear of her in me using swift and harsh punishment that would result in ways that will help me better serve her without any infractions and always showing her due respect. I am the luckiest man alive and I know this for she has chosen to allow me to serve her and who wouldn’t want to serve an amazing, sexy, smart, kind, loving woman?

Reaching Your Goals

Reaching goals can be tough if trying to do it alone without help. As much as I desire to worship and be at my Goddess’s feet I will be able to reach my goal much easier by using tools. This is where I guess as different as our relationship is from societies norm, so of the tools may just as different. Again, as far as what tools work for one might not work for the other. Some tools take more of an open mind than others but they all serve the same purpose and that’s to reach an end goal!

I have tried to provide every means to my Goddess by giving her or telling her of multiple tools to help me on my journey into complete ownership/submissiveness towards here. Some she uses quite successfully some she is very cautious on due to that thing again called “societies Norm”. For me personally (Hard Limits/beliefs) as long as what people do is between two consenting adults, male/female, does not involve anything illegal and kept pretty much private, the only “normal” should be what ever a couple chooses to do and receives pleasure out of it and grows their relationship in a positive way.

I fell in love with my Goddess for who she is inside as a person and believe me, in my opinion she is much different today than when I met her, but her core is the same. She is amazing, sexy and smart. One major change in her today compared to when I met her is her attitude and the way she carries herself, she is a much stronger and confident woman today then when we first met. I believe I was a huge part in that positive change in her by using my arsenal of tools I had. Those tools are called love, respect, loyalty, trust, compliments, desire of her, and more. Since I viewed her pretty much as my Goddess I used whatever I could get my hands on that would assist her in growing into the woman she is today and she has changed a lot so I do know as adults with help we all can change how we view things and treat one another and that is my ultimate goal and that is where I am asking my Goddess for help and to use with an open mind whatever tools she has available to her to mold me into the obedient slave she most desires. One thing that needs to be realized though it is work and takes consistency and both have to partake and be supportive for someone to change but change is very possible.

My Tools

The following is a list of tools that my Goddess has at her disposal to train and mold me into the worshipping slave she so desires and although some may be judgemental of them because they might go against societies norms to me they are just what I said they are, tools and nothing more and what works on me might not work on the next person.

Chastity Cage-when I’m locked up it gives me a strong sense of being owned by my Goddess as long as she is the one making me wear it and controlling the key and deciding length of time. My ultimate goal would be wearing it 24/7 but after extended use of a day or so I start to feel soreness and so I am cautious but wish she would start having me wear it daily and hopefully slowly over time while increasing times my body would adjust to it to be permanent.

Women’s clothing-here is the topic that goes against societies norms I guess and where she struggles to accept them merely as a tool and an article of clothing. I am NOT trying to transform my looks to look like a female nor do I desire being a woman lol. It’s purely a mental thing and I will admit it’s exciting to have a dirty little secret we share together and no one else has a clue.  I do wear panties daily now and she has adjusted to that quite well. They serve as a constant reminder of my place beneath my Goddess. BUT they also make me feel more submissive towards her also. I have recently acquired bras now that also add on to that submissive feeling and hope that she will someday be as acceptance to those and other things as the panties due to I can easily wear them below my clothing without anyone taking note but again I do not intend on forcing the issue. I have also expressed my desire to my Goddess to purchase and wear women’s jeans that would pass for men’s. It would be incredible if one day we were out and out of nowhere took me to a store and handed me a few pair and directed me to go try them on. Not sure if it will ever happen but I guess one can dream! 🙂 Feminine articles of clothing magnify my desires for some reason and not sure why, of how I wish to feel towards her. Maybe it is because the whole idea that according to societies norm traditionally women are supposed to be subservient to their men and by wearing them it softens my personality in a way that I should be the subservient one if that makes sense. But I will add that at least for panties they are 100% a hell of a lot more comfortable then men’s with a lot more choices of styles, materials and color! Men’s clothes are very limited and boring.

Verbal reminders-as her slave now I feel I have taken over all the roles of a typical housewife. I do all the cooking, cleaning and laundry. My Goddess at times now refers to me as her wife. Society defines the wife as a female where I define it as a role in a marriage and not a gender hence I love her referring to me as her wife and wish she would just make it a normal description going forward of my position in our marriage. I take it as a compliment rather than a put down. Now don’t take me wrong, I don’t want to be a woman and never would want to but honestly we have done a complete role reversal between us hence she at times refers to me as her bitch or a woman and at times when I do something good she will say good girl. Although those names make me blush some I enjoy them and they do aide tremendously in making me feel submissive towards her and I crave being called them.

Whips, chains and strap-on’s oh my! Toys are another great tool in her dominance over me! Strapping me down and sexually taking advantage of me is a feeling like no other and I am 100% under her control and mercy. She can use me however she likes! Pegging is another very powerful tool in her asenal. When she straps that on and fucks me I am transformed from reality to total and complete submission to her! The act is domineering and the feeling of looking up or back at her while she plunges deep inside me is indescribable! It cements our places between us!

Punishment-probably the most powerful tool in her arsenal and the one we have to work on the most. Once she gets over her apprehension of what I will think if she punishes me or what my reaction will be and start holding me accountable for ALL indescretions I will finally feel the one thing that in my opinion is the  foundation of control. FEAR! Fear and belief that if I screw up in any way I will be punished.

Orgasm Denial-I think by now at least sexually my Goddess believes sexually all I care about is her pleasure and I am willing to give up any form of release from my side. Reading the scientific part of what happens when a man cums/orgasms with all the chemicals released to the brain all it does is significantly cause a long pause and a setback in my training and submissiveness. I would challenge any male that is in a D/s or M/s relationship where he is the slave or submissive to challenge me on this! When I cum my manliness starts to rage for about ten days! I want to be in charge, I want to conquer, I am not submissive at all, in fact I start thinking being submissive is stupid and I am going to prove I am not hence losing all desire to serve and be loving and obedient. Yes you may be able to shorten that time with ruined orgasms but you still have a setback hence we have decided I am not allowed to cum at all. I support this decision 100%. Yes I love to have a huge orgasm or even just cum with a ruined orgasm but the results aren’t worth it to me because I lose all my feelings of submissiveness for a time period. I hate that feeling and LOVE feeling submissive to my Goddess and being at her feet.

To sum it all up!

The one thing I know for sure is my Goddess LOVES being worshipped and looked up to and being in charge, that I have no doubts in. We both as far as I know share the same goals of her total domination and my complete submission. The more these tools are used on me the deeper down that spiral staircase of service and submissiveness I will fall. I know she is hesitant in some areas due to it does go against societies norms and she isn’t used to it but to me it is what it is and it’s something between her and I and no matter what she does to me or what I wear as clothing I will always be me, the MAN she fell in love with who loves her unconditionally no matter what and she definitely should have no doubts about that!

I have always been open minded to a point but I think one of my biggest flaws is being impatient. When I want something I typically want it now and not later. The one thing I think I most desire in life is to be that slave and have that strong feeling of total submission towards her and not to feel like it’s roleplay but to feel it and believe it that it is a complete normal everyday thing between my Goddess and me. I know most people wouldn’t understand my desires and think badly of me but that’s ok because I feel the same about a lot of people for doing things they do but I respect the fact it’s their thing, just like this is ours. All I ask of my Goddess is to use the above tools as much as possible to assist me in reaching my/our destination of total submission and her domination.

Bucket list for 2017

It’s that time of year again where we all make our new years resolutions. Some are kept, most are broken. So there are a few I have in mind that I would like to declare that I will make for sure and some I will give my best effort to be successful at.

The most important one and the one I WILL keep and the one I most desire to be successful at is becoming a better slave to my Goddess in every way. We have tried and tried for the past years to transform our marriage into a loving Goddess/slave relationship only failing each and every time not due to our choices really but due to outside influences of everyday events that were challenging in every way. We have had to set “us” aside each time to take care of others for one reason or another. I believe now, hopefully, we are past all these unexpected events and now its time to shift more of the focus on us!

We have been back at it now for a few months in our agreement and our agreed upon roles and it feels really good this time and going very well. We have grown much closer I feel in all ways mentally and physically. We have been communicating much more and I feel life has been much happier and less stressful.

We both have a long ways to go I believe but we are on the right path for success as long as more bullshit doesn’t pop up. So as far as my wish list/resolution for 2017 in this area it is as follows.

  1. My love to continue to grow for my Goddess
  2. Spend more time on my knees before her worshipping her
  3. Become more obedient and less defiant
  4. Become much more submissive to her
  5. Become more respectful
  6. To put her needs and desires more before my own
  7. To come up with new and more ideas to please and pleasure her
  8. Spend more “alone” time with her
  9. Make her smile more
  10. Make her feel like she is the most amazing sexy woman alive!

PAY OFF ALL DEBT and become debt free except of course our house!!!!!!!!!!!!

My next few goals are for myself personally to help myself become more healthy

  1. Quit smoking
  2. Become more physical active with exercise

I do not think the above goals and resolutions are by any means unattainable and fully intend on directing my complete focus on them. I know I am very blessed to have the most amazing family one could have and definitely the most amazing Goddess as my wife that makes me feel like the luckiest man alive that she allows me to serve her.

I love you my Goddess!

your slave forever marc



Fantasies vs Reality

Fantasy-the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable.

Reality-the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.

Fantasies. We all have them. We all dream of them. Some are the darkest desires within our minds that are impossible to ever happen and some are very possible to make reality if you are willing to put in the effort.

Can fantasy and reality co-exist? Can fantasy become reality or is reality just fantasy? Kind of confusing I imagine. The question is, in your reality, which one do you think is my fantasy and which is my reality. Can fantasy and reality be successful together or do we have a choice of one or the other?

When I was a kid I used to have dreams of having powers of being able to fly, stop bullets with my chest, lift cars and throw them like they are pop cans just like Superman. Could this Fantasy ever become reality? Hell no. When I became aware and interested in sexual things I started dreaming about having dozens of women at my disposal just wanting to lay with me, you think that will ever happen? Hell no. Another recurring dream I used to have was of this very powerful sexy woman that would tower over me looking down as I cower on my knees before her as she barks out commands how life is going to be for now on and how lucky I am just to be in her presence. Think that will ever happen? Hell n……..WAIT! my Fantasy did become a reality!

The point I’m trying to make is there are a lot of fantasies we as kids had growing up whether they are fantasies of being the President of the United States or a solider or just  a slave to a beautiful sexy Goddess. We all have our personal desires of what we want in life and what goals we want to achieve but most fantasies are obtainable in the reality.

Reality & Husband/wife

Growing up I was always conditioned to societies idea of what we as “normal” everyday people should strive for. I would graduate high school, get a good job, meet a good loyal woman and fall in love. Soon after that I would marry, buy a house and have children and live a simple life and blend in with 99.9% of every other person that has followed societies normal expectations. But is this really what I wanted? Did I want to work in a factory and make an ok living while being married to someone I loved but loved because she was what society dictated is a good wife but truly not really what I yearned for deep down. Did I want to come home to dinner on the table every night like my dad did and se my kids as an annoyance in life but had them out of a sense of duty? Did I want to look at my wife more as a fellow employee in life with the only goals was to be married, raise kids, retire and then die. Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with the above if this is all you wish for and you’re fulfilled by it. I could be perfectly happy like this, you know, being the normal couple of how society would see it. But let me ask you a question, how many times as a kid growing up did you dream of “normal” stuff.

Transitioning from Reality to Fantasy

Why can’t the fantasies become reality in everyday life? Why can’t we make what we most desire in life our “Normal”? WE CAN! All we have to do is make it happen! It’s our choice what we make as our normal in life and if you fail to make your fantasies your normal then the only person you have to blame is yourself.

Maybe I am way off base here in my thinking but I would imagine that all women want a man that is going to treat them like a Goddess in all ways. Yes, I had fantasies as a young boy of having a harem of beautiful women treating me like some God, waiting on me hand and foot with lots and lots of sex with all these beautiful women. I also had dreams of this powerful, confident sexy woman standing over me that controlled every aspect of my life and made me into her personal slave. For some reason the later took over and the dreams of multiple beautiful women worshipping me as a god slowly disappeared for me serving a beautiful sexy Goddess. Why did this happen? No clue. Maybe it was from my upbringing watching my mom whom I was very close to being treated like she was nothing more than someone to cook and clean and raise kids. I could see the hurt in her every day wanting more in life and never having it. She settled for the expectations of what society deemed normal. Growing up I promised myself that I would never treat a woman like that. I would respect them, love them, lift them up, if they would be willing to accept that, and treat my woman like a Goddess. I now have that special person in my life!

Making Fantasy of Goddess/slave a Reality

Well, I got the most difficult thing out of the way to make my fantasy a reality. I met my fantasy! I met the woman who I think is the most amazing, loving, sexy, beautiful creature that walks this earth! Now to see if her fantasy matches up with mine so we can make our  fantasy a reality.

After many long talks about what we both want in life it seems that they do match up pretty close! The one thing I asked for which she gladly agreed to was a formal contract between her and I as to what roles we will play from here on in our marriage.

It started out more as a Mistress/sub type agreement and we tried, and tried, and tried. With so many bullshit interruptions in life between drama, disagreements and family stuff we failed at making this reality. But along the way at least for me my idea of the arrangement has changed from past learning experiences from Mistress/sub to Mistress/slave to now the final wish and desire, Goddess/slave.

So here we are again with a newly revised contract attempting to make our fantasies our reality. I think she has also learned a lot over the past years of who she is as a woman and what she desires out of me as her slave. She loves and wants to be treated like a Goddess. She loves the attention. Like all women she wants the normal stuff such as the feeling of being loved, desired, and feeling beautiful. She hates all domestic chores and gladly now has me do all of them which I do willingly with pride because I know I am serving her and making her life better. She now makes all decisions for us and her decisions are final.

So far, we are on our way to making our fantasies a reality. We have a LONG ways to go and a lot to learn still but the great thing is we have never given up on OUR dreams of having this special relationship. If I had to put a number on it I would say we are 20% there. To me there is three aspects that in my opinion is the biggest hurdles we need to overcome to reach that 100%.

  • Societies view of Normal.
    • Living this way fulltime at first is really hard. Not because it if difficult as far as treating each other the way we desire but hiding it from vanilla people. It is often difficult at times for me to accept my role as her slave and her being the one in charge. According to society it should be reversed and going against that when she tells me what to do in front of other men they look at me like I don’t have a pair of balls. Then I’m sure women and men might perceive her as a bitch. Personally for me I don’t give a shit what others think of me but I know my Goddess is very sensitive to what others think of her.
    • Another thing is clothing. I have accepted my role 100% as her slave and her as my Goddess! I am not only her slave but also have pretty much assumed the role of what society would deem the “housewife”. One thing I desire is to feel her power and control over me and I want to feel always like her slave and housewife hence I love wearing some feminine clothing. To me, the clothing part is like if you had a radio with a poor signal and you hook up an antenna to it to get a stronger signal. That’s what the clothing does for me! it makes me feel more her slave and housewife. The clothing part doesn’t bother me, I actually have a very open mind and its just clothing but according to society its not normal.
    • Society Society Society! Normal Normal Normal! We all have to change and ACCEPT that if to be successful in a alternative lifestyle, the abnormal is a lot of times the NORMAL!

Acceptance of Roles and Responsibilities

Living this life is a lot different then what society expects in the vanilla life of a couple. The way we were raised also has a huge influence on accepting the roles. There are a lot of things as a Goddess my wife has to accept without any ill feelings towards herself and this can be the biggest hurdle a woman can have transitioning into the role of a Goddess. She has to go against societies norm the way most people’s idea of a great marriage or relationship should be like.


  1. First and foremost she needs to change her whole way of thinking as far as relationships and most importantly understand and ACCEPT that this is what her husband/slave also wants and desires. She is the Goddess and he is the slave! She is superior in every way and he should view himself to be very lucky to just be with her and it is a gift from her to be able to serve her. (this I believe is the hardest, if they accept this the rest naturally fall into place.)
  2. She needs to understand this is fulltime and never part time. This is the new normal for the two of you! From here on abnormal is what society deems normal.
  3. She needs to accept her role as Goddess and start adopting the attitude and confidence of her new role
  4. She needs to start being selfish and put herself first
  5. She needs to accept the responsibility she is the one in charge and making the decisions from here on and her decisions are final
  6. She needs to accept that it is her duty from now on to hold him accountable for transgressions and firmly punish him when needed, its for his good to learn and be trained to be a better slave
  7. Although harsh in some ways she needs to start viewing her husband/slave equally also as a domestic tool, a tool to use and command clean her house, cook her dinners, do her laundry while she relaxes and enjoys life
  8. Sexually she needs to look at her husband/slave as nothing more than a sex toy, a sex toy there for her pleasure only while never reciprocating pleasure back to her slave


  1. He needs to accept everything is different now. She is superior in every way and his number one priority now is to serve her emotionally, sexually and domestically. Her happiness is his #1 priority while putting his aside.
  2. He needs to set his male ego aside with her and do as told and accept, she is the one in charge.
  3. He needs to be totally obedient to her 24/7 and accept this is no longer a 50/50 relationship. Its now 99/1 in her favor.
  4. He needs to understand this is fulltime and never part time. This is the new normal for the two of you! From here on abnormal is what society deems normal. His job is solely  to please and pleasure his Goddess is 24/7, not just when he wants to

On a personal note

Although I think the Goddess has more areas she needs to change as far as mindset I think the biggest and most difficult change is on the part of the male slave. For me, this is where I struggle the most. I love my wife/Goddess so much and think she is the most amazing, sexy woman alive and I DO sincerely desire to be under her control 100% and DO desire to be kneeling before her. It is such an amazing feeling that overcomes my whole being to be before her on my knees looking up at her. But because she is so kind hearted and is afraid of what I may feel or react in certain situations she fails to accept and embrace entirely my gift and desires to submit and worship her fully.

My Goddess has to not only accept her new role as the superior one in charge but also BELIEVE she is worthy of her slaves worship and serving.

Because it does go against what society has ingrained in us all of our lives, this I believe, is the hardest obstacle for her to overcome, but once she accepts this new persona everything should fall in line. Once she accepts this and believes that this is what her slave wants in life then only, and not until then, the fantasy becomes reality. Although she DOES say she wants this also, she has of yet to believe it 100%. She is trying and is half way there by accepting it but I think she struggles with the other half of actually believing it fully. Unfortunately I am human and at times get frustrated because to me its almost she either doesn’t believe me or trust me that this is also what I desire but I have no intensions of giving up on this because she is worth it all!

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”  

I believe whole heartedly we can do this and never intend of giving up and I have no doubt that together me and my Goddess can and WILL turn this life together that we desire from Fantasy to Reality!



How I would Like Her to Look at Me

Everyone has their opinions of how they see themselves or perceptions on how someone should look at things which all are right and some wrong but most of all different in so many ways. Their is no doubt that my perception of how my Goddess should feel about and see me is different in many ways but this is how I would envision and hope she grows to view me as her husband, best friend and slave. Many of the ways I hope are already the way she currently does but many ways I would hope she either does or her attitude grows in the direction I describe.

  1. The most important thing of all is that she looks at me as her partner in life, the one she loves and cares deeply about and the one she knows that will always be there for her in good times and bad and trust implicitly.
  2. She looks at my submission as a gift of love and knows that my desire to serve her is not out of any kind of weakness but as pure strength.
  3. She knows that I submit to her because of the love I have for her and my desire to please her.
  4. She knows that I think she is the most amazing beautiful woman that walks this earth and I feel she is more than deserving of my submission and worship of her.
  5. She knows my strengths and weaknesses and knows she can use them and DOES use them to her favor in any way she wants
  6. She knows my desires both sexually and on the kinky side and accepts them and me for who I am and uses them in her favor

Now I think the next things I would expect of her towards me are the hardest because of the fact in the vanilla world they might seem self serving and very selfish but on the other hand its what I desire for the person for her to be. I love confident, selfish woman who puts themselves first, to me that is the biggest turn on in the world. Personally I think its a very healthy trait being selfish and for people to always put themselves first. I think where my Goddess struggles at times is some of the stuff I desire of her is not what typically the world teaches people. But! My desires if being met are my desires and I am selfish in what I desire and when she meets those desires of mine I am happy as can be because I am getting my way and I am putting myself first. So here goes, this is how I wish she would look at me as her slave, the one who desires more than anything in this world to serve her every day for the rest of my life. My desires clearly will not line up with 99% of the average joe, but that’s what is great about life, we all have our own opinions and desires and we are entitled to them.

  1. First and foremost as my Goddess I EXPECT her to elevate herself in all ways above me and put herself FIRST! I expect her to look down at me as her fulltime slave and that my number one priority SHOULD be her happiness only.
  2. I would expect her to quit asking me for things or to do things but instead understand that when I do things for her that pleases me so therefore start TELLING me what to do and once she tells me what to do, expect it to be answered always in a respectful way of yes or no Ma’am and then its done.
  3. I would expect that upon arriving home everyday she would EXPECT me to remove her shoes and kiss her feet and for me to thank her for allowing me the privilege of serving her
  4. I would expect her to demand that every night we go to bed I kneel beside her and ask permission to join her in bed for it is a privilege to sleep with her
  5. I would expect her to view it as my job and number one priority to sexually pleasure her in anyway she desires with no regards to my physical satisfaction for my sexual satisfaction is the pleasure of satisfying her
  6. I would expect her when she is in the mood to be pleasured to just order me to do it and put herself first and not worry if I am tired or in the mood or whatever women think of
  7. I would expect her to think of it as my job only to do all domestic chores and cooking
  8. I would expect her to give me verbal reminders each day of my place beneath her
  9. I would expect her to be confident and have the attitude that I am very lucky just to have the privilege that I am allowed to serve her but most importantly BELIEVE IT!
  10. I would expect her to hold me accountable for any and every infraction against the rules by punishing me
  11. I would expect her to support alternative ways to reinforce my place beneath her as her slave such as ensuring that I’m wearing panties each and every day, when appropriate encouraging me to wear bras and hose by laying them out and making me wear them
  12. I would expect her to use pet names that she knows are somewhat humiliating but yet reinforce my position by referring to me as her slave, bitch, wife or girl etc.
  13. Most of all, by encompassing all the above I would expect her total control over me
  14. She should always expect my obedience, loyalty and support to her in all ways and decisions she makes

Now, I know and have no doubts that the above mentioned  expectations are probably not for 99% of people and I respect that. But this is my desires, this is my life and I am being selfish and putting myself first when I say by doing all this it makes ME the happiest man alive and I love my Goddess/wife that much that I DO wish to serve her completely and by putting her first in all ways it also puts ME first in all ways!




Dinner For Two?

I think all men can associate with this. Remember when you were little and you first became interested in the opposite sex? The dreams. The fantasizes. The on recurring dream of the “one” woman whom you in your mind imagined to be the perfect woman. The one every night when you closed your eyes and drifted off to sleep and dreamed of and was awakened every night with a raging hard on. The image of the “one” that was forever burnt into your mind that you imagined you were having sex with when you closed your eyes while masturbating. I am the luckiest man alive, you know why? Because that “one” that I used to fantasize about while masturbating or dreaming is my wife and Goddess! I never imagined I would ever find her but I did! And now I am not only married to that “one” that invaded my dreams and thought as a child I am married to her and she allows me to raise her up on a pedestal as my Goddess and  serve her as her slave in our day to day lives and I’ve never been happier in my life. She is my Goddess/wife/best friend and she is AMAZING!

One thing all that all married couples who have kids know for sure is, once you have them your whole life changes. Fine dining, movies, dinner for two, nightclubs, pretty much ANYTHING you used to do as a couple, just you and that special person in your life is DONE! It is a rare happening when me and my Goddess get to do anything without kids but last night, WE DID!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know that guy who is always with some really hot woman and he is the envy of all no matter where he goes? I was him last night! Last night we hired a babysitter and went out and had a “date” for just me and my Goddess and OMG, she looked AMAZING last night! Last night I had the privilege of having my hands on her legs all night while out on our special date. I do want to say, with our lifestyle as Goddess and slave, one benefit is me having to walk just behind her, and last night even if I were king of the world I would have insisted walking behind her so I could watch her walk as that beautiful ass moves and those nylon clad legs move back and forth with all the grace a Goddess has. Let’s just say last night I overdosed on my Eye Candy! Those images will be popping up in my dreams of her backside and legs for the next month!

Last night was incredible in my opinion. We got to sit and have some incredible food at a fine dining restaurant and talk. Talk about us! Talk about of way of life and how incredibly close we have felt to each other. Talk about how much deeper my desire is to go and serve my Goddess. Talk about how incredible and amazing I feel she is. Last night was simply AMAZING!




The Ten

I have come across this “training plan” for subs/slave several times and have always thought it to be interesting. I DO see how it would work and agree that it would be beneficial to both me and my Goddess. One thing I crave and desire badly is for her to accept the control and use it and for me to feel it! Doing this would provide reminders and also reinforcement daily of our places while helping us also by more acceptant of them. I would LOVE to do this!

The Ten

NEW: The 10 For The Mistress Of The Household

The Ten is intended as a framework for basic FemDom husband training covering an agreed upon period of time, likely between four to six weeks. It is very simple.

It incorporates a physical component in the form of ten strokes applied to the husbands backside daily for six days each week.

The seventh day is left open as a day of rest, if he has performed well during the week and is making satisfactory progress, as judged by the wife. If this is not the case, the seventh day is reserved for more aggressive training in the form of the 10×6 (‘ten by six’). More on that later.

This is a daily reinforcement and indoctrination, not a spanking fantasy. It is not meant to be ‘play’, or part of foreplay.  Ideally there is no ‘happy ending’, especially not to the man.  As a matter of fact, it might be well for her to consider including orgasm control for him for the duration.

These ten statements to be recited daily, one after the each stroke applied by the woman, should be loud and clear, and ring truthful to the woman’s ear as evidence of his loving compliance and submission.

It should be carried out at the same time each day and should be ritualized to include step-by-step disrobing, positioning, implement selection and brief, private words that daily reaffirm their respective roles as controlling and submitting.

At the start, the woman selects an array of implements to be used (switch, paddle, hairbrush, cane or wooden dowel, whip, etc). These are used in a daily rotation as she sees fit. Part of the effect of The Ten is to give them both a very good exposure to these various tools.

The overall desired effect is to give her regular tactile experience of her superiority and control, and give him a daily reminder of his submission and surrender. And by going at it in this way, a fairly short period of time each day, with a consistent number of strokes, she should be drawn out of any shyness or trepidation arising from never having taken such an action. One goal is for her to feel much more assured and comfortable in selecting and using the implements either for discipline, punishment or her own desire – or never again at all, once the program is complete.  That is her choice.  It also builds her confidence in her ability to lead and control, and growth and confidence comes in daily increments.

It also has the effect of toughening his body to punishment, if that becomes useful or necessary in the future. Ten strokes each day may prove uncomfortable to him, and the cumulative effect may increase that discomfort. But the program has a fixed duration and he can deal with it, accepting it as a token of his love and submission.  And the more confident she becomes, the more he can be assured she will have her way…or else.

As the power dynamic evolves, the daily practice also provides a ready way for her to demonstrate her resolve and express her dissatisfaction. If and/or when his daily activities don’t measure up, he should come to expect that the shortfall might be addressed in the application on the following day.

The daily practice makes the woman much more well equipped from experience to instantly respond to any hesitation on his part in carrying out the hand signals, or to performing the newly-assigned tasks.

Resistance and Resignation

The compliance of the male is an important part of husband training.  A willingness and interest in leading is also important, on the wife’s part.  But, what if, after a few days, he decides he won’t participate, or she decides this is of no interest to her?  It may spell the end of this iteration of The Ten, but hopefully the couple is strong enough and willing enough to elevate the conversation to what happened and why they feel the way they do.  The basis is love, after all, and compliance. Revisiting The Ten may or may not happen, but talking honestly can’t help but lead to brighter outcomes down the road.

Ten by 6 – Extra Reinforcement

At the onset, and for the first 10 days or so, the printed list of The Ten is immediately in front of his face as he reads them aloud.  After that, he should recite them from memory.

Failing that more than twice might invoke the ‘Ten x 6′, which calls for his reciting each item out loud, over and over for six minutes, then moving to the next. At each six minute point, he receives ten strokes, without warm-up, sympathy or constraint. And so an hour will pass during which she will deliver 60 strokes and he will have had opportunity to become well acquainted with each item on The Ten. He might expect that her frustration at having to spend her time that way will show up in the speed and intensity of the strokes. The entire event is intended to provide her with even more experience of elevated authority and intensity, and give him a memorable example of why he should really try to do as good as he can in everything he does.


At the conclusion of The Ten, there should be a commencement ceremony, either public, semi-public or private.

The daily application ceases. Whether any physical forms of punishment continue is not part of The Ten. Those are decisions made the same way the decision to embark on The Ten is made: In love, in trust and embracing one another and their proper roles in the unique relationship they enjoy.

And, of course, a ‘commencement’ is a BEGINNING, not an ending.

What would women think and do, if their man was thoroughly trained to respond and obey quickly, and their time was their own again?

The Ten

To be recited by him in descending order during daily exercises accompanied by one stroke, and replacing the bracketed [] with her name or title.

1. I love [ ] with all my heart and all my soul and cleave only to her.

2. I honor [ ] and all women at all times in all that I do, all that I intend, in all my work and in my actions.

3. I obey [ ] at all times and trustfully follow her lead in all matters.

4. I accept, comply and embrace [ ] as the loving controlling power and ultimate authority in our relationship.

5. I recognize and accept responsibility for awareness and anticipation of [ ] needs and demands, meeting them before she asks.

6. I recognize and accept my role in maintaining the domestic bliss in [ ] household.

7. I pledge to work daily to form new habits and behaviors that are more supportive, and are pleasing to [ ]

8. I recognize my own habits and behaviors that are not constructive and see that they MUST be improved.

9. I recognize male habits and behaviors formed around those attributes and see that they can be improved.

10. I recognize male attributes that are not supportive of women, undermining a loving relationship.

The Ten

Accepting the Control

OI just read the below article and whole heartedly agree with everything in it and just wanted to pass it along for people to read. I think a lot of women are very hesitant to take that control that their man is asking them to due to so many doubts of how the man will react or they don’t want to feel like they are “taking advantage” of their man. If the man is getting their desires met as far as the control and domination part from their goddess/Mistress in my opinion they can never take advantage due to its what the man desires. At least for me the more dominant she is and the more controlling she is the more submissive I get and the desire of wanting to please and pleasure her in every way increases ten fold. Yes, being a slave is a LOT of work and time consuming but I get so many pleasures out of knowing she is being taken care of and pampered but being the Dominant is also work when it comes to fulfilling the slaves needs 

This article will be useful for women that have men that want to be dominated, but are not sure on what they should be doing or saying.

The whole point of wanting to be dominated is not to have the male have to tell you what he wants you to do to dominate him. Although this is a necessity in the beginning to kind of understand where he is at, after he has told you once, he just wants it to become his life style. Do not be embarrassed by doing some of these things. in fact, make him feel embarrassed about them.

That’s the point of domination…

In fact, the best way to dominate your man is to make him do things you know he doesn’t want to do. However, you need to do this in and out of the bedroom.

If you dominate him by just making him do all the dishes and chores of the house, but you do not dominate him in the bedroom, he will grow tired of fulfilling your needs and missing out on fulfilling his. Women tend to over complicate things in their head. They think things like:

  • Why does he want me to do that?
  • What will happen if I do that?
  • Will he respect me less if I do that?
  • I don’t know if I can do that
  • That seems strange, I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that
  • Is my man gay?
  • What is wrong with him?

Ladies, here is something that you need to understand. None of those thoughts matter to a male sub and worrying about them is just creating problems from you achieving total bliss in your life. If your man is gay, there is nothing you can do about it anyways. It is more likely that your man just wants to give control to you, because he is an alpha male, and does not get to experience things like submission.

That is most of the time the case with submissive men. In their everyday lives, they are very much alpha, in control, and take charge of their days every day. When they submit to you, they get to let go of all the responsibility and just do as they are told. Tied to sexual behavior modification, you can get pretty much anything you want from your man…

The only thing standing in your way of having everything you dreamed is your own head. Take your man, bend him over, and ride him like the bitch he wants to be for you. Don’t think about it. Just do it. You will see what happens. He will become more obedient. He will automatically start doing the chores. He will ask you what you need. It does not mean he is gay. It means he loves you, and wants you to own him.

Deep down, he needs to feel loved, wanted, and being your sex toy for some reason, shows him this more than anything else you could do. Because truthfully, a true sub with woman doesn’t care about the specifics if you do this right, or that you do that right. He cares about you telling him what to do, and him having to comply…

  • If you want roses, you get them…
  • If you want back rubs, you get them…
  • If you want an orgasm, you get it…
  • If you want to come home to a clean house, you get it…

Anything you want, you get. All you have to do is grab the bull by the horns (in this case balls) and tell him to do it. The only important rule to make all of this work, is to not let him cum. If you do, keep it to a minimum. Having him full of cum, keeps him in a sub state.

This is where he is happiest when he is with you, and ultimately, with him serving you like a queen, you will have everything you ever wanted. If you do not feel like a queen, and are struggling with the power he is handing you, there is a saying that rings true in all matters of life. Feel the fear, and do it anyways.

Everything you want in life is on the other end of your strap on. Insert strap on, wind male up, and watch him serve. For some subs, they may not want pegging, but I can tell you from the surveys on our site, that 99% of submissive men crave, yearn, and need it…

Stop thinking about why all of a sudden this. Instead roll with it, and watch your man become a better person. He will become a better lover that will place your sexual satisfaction above his. He will become a better contributor to the household chores. He will become a better listener when you need a shoulder to lean on. He is not weak in his submission, he is finding a part of himself that is making him a better person…

  • A person that cares more than he did before…
  • A person that will do more than he has before…
  • A person that will live his life in servitude to the woman he loves…

Once strong men have found submissive tendencies, these feelings will not go away. It is like the ying to their yang. They need it, crave it, and want it. The strong part of them will go after it. The strong part of them will do whatever it takes. This is the part where you win.

This is the part where if you give them what they want, their strong part will do your every bidding. It does not take a weak man to serve fully all the desires of their woman. In fact, just take a look around and see all the failing marriages where the man simply does not do their part because they are too lazy and self-indulgent. Your submissive man wants no more of this…

He has had a taste of bliss serving you, and if you work with him, and spend some time training him, and fulfill his needs, all of your dreams will come true. Dream it, ask it, order him to make it come true, and watch him scramble to make it happen.

Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen by dominating him. This is simply how easy it is to have the life that previously you had dreamed about. It just comes with a few kinks in it that you did not see before. Embrace the kinks ladies. Your life will never be the same…

Worthy of my Worship?

Frustration! I experience this often with my Goddess/wife. Not because she is really doing anything wrong but because she is clueless to how amazing, sexy and beautiful she is and how she see’s herself. Does she like to be worshipped like a Goddess and be praised and complimented? Hell yes, what woman wouldn’t? The real question however, does she believe she is worthy of my worship and believe me when I say she to me, is the most amazing, sexy woman alive. I don’t think so. That’s where my frustration builds!

Self confidence is something I have never lacked so I guess I just do not get it. If you don’t have confidence in yourself then somewhere down the line someone or something messed with your mind to make you lose it. I think the hardest thing is letting go of whatever happened or who ever happened and start trusting the one your with.

Everyone see’s people different and has their own opinions of what is sexy and beautiful. What one person finds attractive and irresistible the next person may find whatever it is ugly or unattractive. I think that’s what a lot of people forget especially in todays society that is so damn judgmental. Its really sad that women of today have bought into the notion that they have to be 5’9″ and 110 pounds and anything heavier your fat.

Ask people male or female what they think a Dominatrix looks like and they will more than likely describe this leather clad woman with a stereotypical perfect body and a flawless face with long beautiful hair wielding a whip. I think a lot of women that choose to take the place as a Dominant in a D/s or M/s relationship compare themselves to.

Now go to some fetish sites or personals that are real and look at the women that claim to be Dominant’s or Dominatrix’s and you will see a HUGE difference. Like I mentioned earlier and yes I know its a fault I have, I’m shallow. I wouldn’t give 99.9% of these women the time of day! YUK! lol

Everyone has their own opinions/taste of what is sexy or beautiful and if your fortunate enough to find this person and marry them like I have the bonus is, the more time you spend together and get to know each other in most cases like mine, the more sexy and beautiful they become due to your love for them and getting to know what really counts and that’s what’s inside them.

It took me nearly 10 years to find that person. For me and probably most, I wouldn’t even think about dating a woman unless they were attractive, yes, I fully admit it, I’m shallow in that way! I got lucky to where I found that person I thought was sexy and beautiful and the more I got to know her and the more time I got to spend with her, the sexier she became and the more beautiful she was because her insides were just as amazing as her outside! Lucky me huh! 🙂

So what is my opinion of a perfect woman? Well of course, MY WIFE and GODDESS! I see her indifferent ways at times but always as a beautiful person who is worthy of my worship. When at home lounging I see her as my beautiful Goddess who is my partner in life whom I love more than anything in this world and I love being with her always. Before and after work she is this amazing woman whom I couldn’t be prouder of that excels at her job and is very intelligent and sexy and as always worthy of my worship. When she adorns herself in a dress and heels OMG! All I want to do is drop to my knees before her and thank her a million times for blessing me with her presence. But no matter where we are, what we are doing, what she is wearing, she is the most amazing, sexy, beautiful, loving woman on this earth to me that has all the power in the world over me also.

I want to also state when I say worship her as my goddess I do not mean as a God but what I would envision a Goddess would be worthy of. This is my hope for us in the future that I can start and she WILL not only allow, but start expecting and demanding my worship as it should be. As we grow in our special relationship I would love to put protocols in place to remind her always of how I see her.

  1. I would love to kneel down and kiss her feet nightly removing her shoes and putting them away.
  2. Her to EXPECT me to always answer her yes Ma’am and no Ma’am when addressed.
  3. Her to EXPECT me to always say Thank you Ma’am when she does something nice for me.
  4. Me to have to kneel beside the bed each night and thanking her for allowing me to serve her and ask permission to join her in bed.
  5. Of course always holding doors open for her.

So the answer to my title of this writing, HELL YES!!! Hell yes she is more than worthy of my worship. Because in MY eyes (and no one else’s opinion matters the least bit), She is the most AMAZING SEXY BEAUTIFUL SMART WOMAN ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! And I love and adore her with all my heart! THAT’S WHY!!!!!!!!!

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Spanking in a Female Led Marriage

First and foremost I want to stress that unless consensual, it is nothing more than abuse and it is NOT ok! Spanking is one form of domestic discipline I have openly consented to with my Goddess/wife along with a list of other things that is frowned upon in the vanilla society. I for one am a huge supporter of spanking and do not believe all the bullshit that todays societies try to brainwash us with. When I was little, I got the belt at times and I’m here to tell you firsthand, it works with correcting behavior problems!

There are many out there in alternative lifestyles that would say that spanking your partner only plays into their desired kinks or they are a masochist and actually enjoy them. I agree with this statement. Although true, NOT all people in alternative lifestyles are the same. NOT all people enjoy spankings or enjoy pain. I for one am one of those people.

I have also read in many articles that punishment shouldn’t be necessary in a D/s or M/s relationship due to if the slave or submissive really wants to serve they should just do everything they are told without hesitation and if they do not, it must be a just a kink and they really do NOT want to serve. I 110% disagree with this thinking! Does that mean when a child misbehaves they really do not want to be your child or if an adult breaks a law and gets incarcerated they really don’t want to live free? Although for people that choose to serve as a submissive or slave true power exchange have to include REAL punishments. Just because you choose to serve beneath your partner it doesn’t mean you cant have a brain and think for yourself and by doing so your wants, needs, and desires are NOT always going to match up 100% with the one you serve and at times it will be inevitable that you rebel in some way.  In my humble opinion, if the submissive or slave do everything they are told every time sure they might be submissive but in my humble opinion they are a doormat.

I do NOT want to be spanked. I do NOT find pleasure in pain. I however will fully admit that the thought of being put over my Goddess’s lap and spanked is a very erotic thought but that thought stops at the first hard sting I feel on my backside.

I think the way one could tell very easily if their partner is enjoying them or is actually receiving them as punishment would be if the submissive is purposely doing wrong to get punished.  I for one do not want to be punished so therefore I try to behave but I for one am no doormat and from time to time my opinion may differ from my Goddess and unfortunately I forget my agreement with her of when we disagree it reverts to her being right and I argue which is both wrong and disrespectful.

We have various implements to use for spankings which are as follows and all of them deliver a different sensation and level of pain. I have listed them in order of how bad they hurt.

  1. Paddle-The heavy thug covers a lot of area and hurts like hell with no give
  2. Cane-The connection between the cane and my bottom is minimized to one area but the sting hurts like hell
  3. Tawse-Again the thug covers a lot of area and hurts like hell but has some give
  4. Crop-The connection is more minimized to one small area and hurts
  5. Flogger-Personally I find more pleasure in this instrument than pain

There is a term out there that people refer to as Funishment which I happen to agree with in spanking. If your a masochist or if the spanking isn’t delivered in the right way the pain will be minimal and wont hurt, this is when it is more fun than punishment.

For me personally and my Goddess knows this about me because I have said it to her numerous times. If I deserve Punishment, I want her to do it right and give me something to remember to where if the same thing comes up that got me across her lap I think twice about repeating my infraction. I want REAL punishment and NOT funishment! If she were to fail to give me real punishment then it simply isn’t worth doing because I will not benefit from it. It has to be something that I will remember and also know she is serious about changing my behavior in. Punishment hurts! Punishment leaves welts or bruises or at least your ass is bright red after.

How we look at things in punishment can vary from person to person as far as how severe it is or if its even done at all. Before me and my Goddess started living this life I explained to her on numerous occasions what I believe punishment is and me, knowing myself better than anyone, know what works on me! I understand for some people spanking just will not work or they might even think its wrong, or even think as an adult you shouldn’t have to spank, but if you think about it, we all get punished in some form whether it be spanking, the silent treatment, cut off from sex, or the evil eye. Spanking is quick and I know I’m being punished and I also know when it ends and for me, I want to be held accountable by my Goddess for my transgressions.

I think its very important to look at how things can be viewed from the Top and the bottom while the punishment is taking place.

The view from the bottom

Right away humiliation and wonder at that time why I am even subjecting myself to this. Then comes the fear of the unknown. How long will she spank me and how much is it going to hurt. Then regret before and after the spanking. Regret you were bad before the spanking because you know its going to hurt and regret after the spanking because if done right, your ass is on fire and your eyes are full of water. Then the relief sets in knowing its over, you paid your debt to your Dominant and you both can move on.

The view from the Top

This is how I 100% feel about how the Dominant should view things. Like I said, its how I feel but really don’t have the say in how my Goddess feels. But let me state this first.

  1. Real punishment is not a kink I’m into! IT HURTS!
  2. I wouldn’t have given the power to her if I wasn’t serious
  3. I would never let her spank me if I didn’t want to improve in ways she sees that I need improvement
  4. I know she is doing it because she CARES and LOVES ME! not because she just has a kink for wanting to hurt me.
  5. I want to be held accountable for transgressions
  6. I will learn from punishment and this does work on me if done right

Now, onto what I would hope she would feel while doing it. And I have been upfront with her about all this ahead of time before we even entered into this agreement.

  1. I want her to above and beyond anything look at punishment as a tool for helping me improve in how I serve her and to view it as a deterrent for me to hopefully never reoffend
  2. I want her to spank me as hard (not holding back in force of impact) and as long as she deems fit to where the punishment fits the crime lets say
  3. I want her to punish me with no regard to me pleading for her to stop or saying it hurts, she will decide when to stop only
  4. I do NOT want her to feel sorry for me or bad for punishing me even if I were to start crying. To be honest if she does it correctly to where I do start crying it will have the biggest impact on me and me learning from it.
  5. Once its over and we have discussed what and why it happened and I have apologized drop it, its over!

I take this subject very serious and at least for us, I believe punishment is a huge part of a D/s or M/s relationship. Without the punishment aspect I don’t want this arrangement because the way I look at things, I would be nothing more than a door matt for her to walk over. I know there are a lot of people out there that say it isn’t necessary in these types of relationships but I guess my question I would put to them is, “If there is no accountability for the sub/slave in a relationship like this is it really a D/s or M/s relationship?” After all one person is in charge and one is the submissive. Although probably a bad analogy but a correct one, if there is no punishment or accountability for a child (Sub) from the parent (Dominant) who’s in charge?  The child is going to keep doing whatever the child wants and never learn from mistakes and all you end up with is a power struggle.

I love my wife/Goddess more than anything in this world and when I look at her, I see the most amazing, sexy, beautiful creature on this planet who holds all the power in the world over me. Yes, I did agree to give her this power over me verbally and in the form of a contract but to be honest, the way I see her and love her, she has always had it and always will and I trust her 100% in every way with that power. If she decides to punish me, I know what I did wrong in her eyes the transgression might not be a big thing to me but if it is to her, than it is huge to me if that makes sense. Then, she not only has all the power in the world over me to punish me but I would expect nothing less!